Videos - December 2020

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2020-12-01 2005 Week 14 vs. the Bears
2020-12-01 2002 Wild Card Playoff Game vs. the Browns
2020-12-01 2008 AFC Championship Game vs. the Ravens
2020-12-01 2010 AFC Championship Game vs. the Jets
2020-12-01 2016 Week 16 Game vs. the Ravens
2020-12-02 #HereWeGo: Steelers-Ravens Week 12
2020-12-02 HIGHLIGHT: Williams pounces on Griffin Fumble
2020-12-02 HIGHLIGHT: Haden takes INT to the house
2020-12-02 HIGHLIGHT: Heyward takes down Griffin
2020-12-02 HIGHLIGHT: Ben connects with Ebron for big gain
2020-12-02 HIGHLIGHT: Watt flies around the edge for the sack
2020-12-02 HIGHLIGHT: JuJu flattens defender with stiff-arm
2020-12-02 HIGHLIGHT: Ben hits JuJu with picture perfect pass
2020-12-02 HIGHLIGHT: Washington makes HUGE 3rd down grab
2020-12-02 HIGHLIGHT: Snell runs through Ravens defender
2020-12-03 Watt on the need to improve 
2020-12-03 JuJu on the Steelers win over the Ravens 
2020-12-03 Roethlisberger: 'We've got to get ready to keep going'
2020-12-03 Tomlin: 'We were fortunate tonight'
2020-12-03 HIGHLIGHTS: Ravens vs. Steelers Week 12
2020-12-03 HIGHLIGHTS: Best defensive plays of Week 12
2020-12-03 Tomlin: 'The urgency needs to be felt'
2020-12-04 Ben: 'Whatever helps us win'
2020-12-05 Tras la Cortina de Acero: Semana 13 - Washington @ Steelers
2020-12-05 #OTD: Troy shows his chops
2020-12-05 Sound Remix: vs Washington Football Team
2020-12-05 DeCastro: 'They're a lot better than their record'
2020-12-05 Watt: 'It's the next man up mentality'
2020-12-06 Alumni Weekend: Celebrating 20 years at Heinz Field
2020-12-06 Protecting the Legacy: Washington
2020-12-06 #HereWeGo: Steelers-Washington Week 13
2020-12-07 Playbook: Game planning against Washington's defensive front
2020-12-07 #OTD: Parker rolls for 223 yards
2020-12-07 HIGHLIGHT: Spillane takes down Smith
2020-12-07 HIGHLIGHT: Ben finds Washington for big gain
2020-12-07 HIGHLIGHT: Ben throws laser to Johnson for TD
2020-12-07 HIGHLIGHT: Hilton makes huge 4th down stop
2020-12-07 HIGHLIGHT: Claypool climbs the ladder
2020-12-07 HIGHLIGHT: Washington sheds two defenders for TD
2020-12-07 HIGHLIGHT: Relentless pass rush gets to Smith
2020-12-08 HIGHLIGHT: Wright drills his career FG attempt
2020-12-08 HIGHLIGHTS: Washington vs. Steelers
2020-12-08 Tomlin: 'We have to make routine plays routinely'
2020-12-08 Roethlisberger: 'We just need to make plays'
2020-12-08 Postgame Reaction: Washington
2020-12-08 Tomlin: 'If you can't get a yard, you don't deserve to win'
2020-12-08 Lessons to learn from the first loss
2020-12-08 Analyzing the first loss
2020-12-09 Ben on running game, drops & security blankets
2020-12-09 Heyward: 'This is a chance to learn and grow'
2020-12-09 Practice Report: Bills Week - Day 1
2020-12-10 #OTD: Ben hits the 500-yard mark
2020-12-10 WPMOY Nominee: McDonald
2020-12-10 JuJu on using Tomlin's words of motivation to improve
2020-12-10 Steelers tie NFL record 69-straight games with a sack
2020-12-10 Highsmith: 'I set a high standard for myself'
2020-12-10 Sutton: 'We got to be on our game and ready to play'
2020-12-10 Keys to the Game: Steelers at Bills
2020-12-10 The Match Up: Battle of the QBs
2020-12-10 The Match Up: Remedy to an ailing run game
2020-12-11 Sights & Sounds: Steelers-Washington
2020-12-11 Scouting the Bills
2020-12-11 #OTD: The Bus stops for no one
2020-12-11 Activbody Feats of Strength Challenge
2020-12-11 Williamson: 'I'm ready for this opportunity'
2020-12-11 Watt on being confident going into Sunday night
2020-12-11 Status Report: Steelers at Bills
2020-12-12 Protecting the Legacy: Bills
2020-12-12 Sound Remix: at Bills
2020-12-12 Giant Eagle Tailgreatness: Black and Gold Chili Dogs
2020-12-12 #OTD: Troy takes it to the house
2020-12-12 #HereWeGo: Steelers-Bills Week 14
2020-12-12 Playbook: Analyzing the run game
2020-12-14 HIGHLIGHT: Hilton picks off Allen
2020-12-14 HIGHLIGHT: JuJu finds open space for big gain
2020-12-14 HIGHLIGHT: Sutton makes circus catch for INT
2020-12-14 HIGHLIGHT: Ben threads the needle to Washington
2020-12-14 HIGHLIGHT: Ben hits JuJu to close the gap
2020-12-14 HIGHLIGHT: Ebron wins one-on-one for two points
2020-12-14 HIGHLIGHTS: Steelers vs. Bills Week 14
2020-12-14 Tomlin: 'We weren't able to keep pace with them'
2020-12-14 Ben: 'We all need to be better'
2020-12-14 Postgame Reaction: Bills
2020-12-14 Defense can't hold off second half surge from Bills
2020-12-14 Offense struggles in loss to Bills
2020-12-15 Tomlin stresses the need to be more physical
2020-12-15 Quick hits from Tomlin Tuesday
2020-12-15 Giant Eagle Tailgreatness: Touchdown Turkey Burger
2020-12-16 #OTD: Haden denies the Patriots
2020-12-16 Roethlisberger: 'Take a deep breath, let's get ready to go'
2020-12-16 Washington, JuJu on being more physical
2020-12-16 Heyward: 'We've got to pick up the tempo'
2020-12-16 An emphasis on physicality
2020-12-16 Giant Eagle Tailgreatness: Loaded Chicken and Potatoes
2020-12-17 #OTD: Parker goes the distance
2020-12-17 McDonald honored to be Steelers’ nominee for Nationwide Walter Payton Man of the Year
2020-12-17 Fitzpatrick focusing on solutions 
2020-12-17 Keys to the Game: Steelers at Bengals
2020-12-17 The Match Up: Making routine plays
2020-12-17 The Match Up: Physicality is key
2020-12-18 #OTD: Ben's first career 300-yd game
2020-12-18 Fan Friday: Batch rewards loyal members of Steelers Nation
2020-12-18 Villanueva: 'The only thing that matters to me is the next snap'
2020-12-18 Tras la Cortina de Acero: Semana 15 - Steelers @ Bengals 
2020-12-18 Watt: 'I'm not even looking past today'
2020-12-18 Practice Report: Bengals Week - Day 3
2020-12-19 1-on-1 with Avery Williamson
2020-12-19 Sound Remix: at Bengals
2020-12-19 Alualu: 'It's always been about us and how we play'
2020-12-19 Johnson: 'I've got to catch the ball, plain and simple'
2020-12-19 Allen: 'We want to get back on our winning streak'
2020-12-19 Microsoft Teams Behind the Curtain: Alualu
2020-12-20 Playbook: How to get back to explosive plays
2020-12-20 #HereWeGo: Steelers-Bengals Week 15
2020-12-20 #OTD: Ben's first career 500-yd game
2020-12-22 HIGHLIGHT: Watt drops Bernard for big loss
2020-12-22 HIGHLIGHT: Watt and Highsmith meet at the QB
2020-12-22 HIGHLIGHT: Claypool tightropes sideline for huge gain
2020-12-22 HIGHLIGHT: Ben finds Johnson to get on the board
2020-12-22 HIGHLIGHT: Snell breaks free for big gain
2020-12-22 HIGHLIGHT: Fitzpatrick makes crucial stop
2020-12-22 HIGHLIGHTS: Steelers vs. Bengals Week 15
2020-12-22 Roethlisberger: 'I'm not consistent enough'
2020-12-22 Tomlin: 'We're not a good football group right now'
2020-12-22 Postgame Reaction: Bengals
2020-12-22 HIGHLIGHTS: Watt's best plays of Week 15
2020-12-22 Tomlin: 'We just have to perform better'
2020-12-22 Breaking down the defense
2020-12-22 Steelers fall to Bengals on Monday night
2020-12-22 Giant Eagle Tailgreatness: Crowning a champion
2020-12-23 Roethlisberger: 'I just have to play well enough to help us win'
2020-12-23 JuJu on sticking together
2020-12-23 Heyward: 'We all have to be on the same page'
2020-12-23 Practice Report: Colts Week - Day 1
2020-12-24 Bud Brought a Buddy: Claypool
2020-12-24 Protecting the Legacy: Colts
2020-12-24 Pouncey on staying poised
2020-12-24 Fitzpatrick on paying attention to detail
2020-12-24 Watt excited for a tough challenge Sunday
2020-12-24 Keys to the Game: Steelers vs. Colts
2020-12-24 The Match Up: Stopping the run
2020-12-24 The Match Up: Battle at QB
2020-12-25 #OTD: Hilton's holiday trio
2020-12-25 Scouting The Colts
2020-12-25 Christmas Quiz: How the Steelers celebrate
2020-12-26 Sound Remix: vs. Colts
2020-12-26 Playbook: Stopping the Colts running game
2020-12-26 #HereWeGo: Steelers-Colts Week 16
2020-12-27 Rooney II: Thank you to all of Steelers Nation
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHT: Watt makes record setting sack
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHT: Watt gets to Rivers arm for strip-sack
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHT: Conner powers it in for the touchdown
2020-12-27 Recognizing the Steelers Hall of Honor Class of 2020
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHT: Claypool makes splash play
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHT: Johnson lays out for deep touchdown
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHT: Ben finds Ebron for the score
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHT: Heyward makes key 3rd down sack
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHT: Hilton picks off Rivers
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHT: Ben pumps and finds JuJu for six
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHT: Highsmith forces game-ending incompletion
2020-12-27 HIGHLIGHTS: Colts vs. Steelers Week 16
2020-12-27 Watt on being far from finished
2020-12-27 JuJu: 'We went back to having fun'
2020-12-27 Roethlisberger: 'We just believed in each other'
2020-12-27 Tomlin: 'I just love the fight of the group'
2020-12-27 Postgame Reaction: Colts
2020-12-28 HIGHLIGHTS: Ben's best throws of Week 16
2020-12-28 'The Steelers are in position to secure the AFC North!'
2020-12-28 Williamson: 'We don't give up and we fight'
2020-12-28 Ebron on regaining their identity
2020-12-28 Steelers drive 84-yards, take the first lead of the game
2020-12-28 Rust vs. rest
2020-12-28 Monday Motivation
2020-12-28 Second half surge pushes Steelers past Colts
2020-12-29 Next Gen Stats: Offense flips the switch vs Colts
2020-12-29 NFLN: Breakdown of Ben's huge second-half vs. the Colts
2020-12-29 Tomlin: 'Football's our game, our job is winning'
2020-12-29 Quick hits from Tomlin Tuesday
2020-12-30 Roethlisberger on The Chief Award, resting up, and his health
2020-12-30 Claypool: 'I'm feeling great heading into playoffs'
2020-12-30 Practice Report: Browns Week - Day 1
2020-12-30 Heyward: 'We have to take it one week at a time'
2020-12-30 JuJu on keeping the momentum going
2020-12-31 Sights & Sounds: Steelers-Colts
2020-12-31 1-on-1 with T.J. Watt
2020-12-31 Watt: 'I have a lot more room to grow'
2020-12-31 Keys to the Game: Steelers at Browns
2020-12-31 The Match Up: Watching the snap count
2020-12-31 The Match Up: Mason gets the start
2020-12-31 Dotson on building confidence 
2020-12-31 Fitzpatrick on being consistent
2020-12-31 Every Watt sack from the 2020 season