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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats may I purchase with my Wait List offer?
You may purchase up to four (4) seats.

What games are included in the season ticket package price?
All ten guaranteed home games are included in the season ticket package, from preseason through the final regular season home game.

Would I have access to my season ticket location for any potential postseason games?
Yes, as a season ticket holder, you would have first right of refusal to your seat location for potential postseason games. Postseason games are not a required purchase, but we would love to have you join us at the stadium for playoffs!

What is the difference between a licensed and an unlicensed seat?
A seat license allows the account holder to resell or transfer seat license ownership of seats once he or she no longer wishes to purchase season tickets. For unlicensed seats, season tickets can remain in the account holder's name only. Once the account holder of unlicensed seats no longer wishes to or is no longer able to renew the seats, those seats are returned to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Am I required to purchase a seat license?
As part of the current process, we will provide you with the available seat options to choose from and the associated costs for each location. If we have licensed seats available, the seat license fees will be applied to those seat locations. The seat license is a required, one-time, nonrefundable fee, so once it is paid, you are only responsible for purchasing the season ticket package each year.

How much does a seat license cost?
Seat license fee prices start at $1,250 per seat and will vary depending on location. Seat license fees are a required purchase for all licensed seat locations within the stadium.

If I purchase unlicensed seats, do I have to complete the seat selection process each season?
No, your unlicensed seats will remain in your name for each season as long as you choose to purchase them. Unlicensed seats do not have an associated seat license, so they also do not have a licensed seat owner. Therefore, your unlicensed seats are renewable to you each year.

If I purchase an unlicensed seat location, can I purchase a license for that location in the future?
No, all unlicensed seat locations are and will remain permanently unlicensed.

If I purchase unlicensed seats, can I still post individual game tickets for sale or electronically transfer tickets to a friend or family member?
Yes, you are still able to post tickets for sale and transfer individual game tickets through your Account Manager, even if your seats are unlicensed.

What happens if I decline to purchase season tickets?
You will be able to receive two offers while on the Wait List. We cannot guarantee the offers will take place over two consecutive years, but we typically are able to send your second offer within back to back seasons. You would still hold your same position in line, so you do not have to worry about dropping to the bottom of the list. However, if you do decline your second offer, then you will have to re-sign up for the Wait List.

Can I still be on the Wait List if I am already a season ticket holder?
No, once you are a season ticket holder, you will be removed from the Wait List and are no longer eligible to purchase tickets through a Wait List offer. This includes season ticket holders who sign up through the STR Marketplace.

How do I know where I am on the Wait List and when I will receive my offer?
We send offers to members of the Wait List by sign-up date. Wait List members are not assigned a number in line. You will receive an offer in accordance with the date you officially became a member of the Wait List. Always keep your contact information up to date on your Wait List account to ensure that you will receive your emailed offer.

Is there an option to expedite the purchase of a seat license?
Current season ticket holders with a seat license have the option of reselling their seat licenses. You can visit the STR Marketplace to view current listings. Please note, if you purchase a seat license through the STR Marketplace, you will be removed from the Wait List.

General Information

How do I update my email or mailing address?
Email with your account number and your updated contact information. We will do our best to update in 24 business hours. If you do not know your account number, please include the name and phone number on the email.

When is the Ticket Office available?
We are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. If we are closing early or for a holiday, the phone message will be updated accordingly.

What is the office contact information?
Phone: 412-323-1200
Mailing Address: 100 Art Rooney Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

How do I change my email preferences?
To change your email preferences for the Wait List, visit and go to your Account Settings to adjust your subscription details.


Too excited to wait? You can purchase a stadium seat licenses from a current season ticket holders on the Seat License Marketplace.