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Be sure to access your digital tickets and save to your Apple or Google Wallet before you arrive to Heinz Field. To get started, download the Steelers Official Mobile App. If you already have the Steelers Official Mobile App, be sure to download the latest version.

How to download and access the Steelers Official Mobile App and your tickets

1.Download the Steelers Official Mobile App from the Apple or Google Play Store.

2.Once downloaded, open the app then hit "Continue."

3.Select where you would like to receive notifications.

4.Next, Create a Fan Profile to customize your Steelers app experience. Or, select "Skip." IMPORTANT: The Fan Profile is NOT the same as your Steelers Account Manager email and password will not be accepted for the Fan Profile log-in.

5.Once inside the app, to access your tickets tap "Tickets" in the bottom navigation on the home screen then "My Tickets."


How to access your tickets and add to wallet

1.Select "Tickets" in the bottom navigation on the home screen

2.Select "My Tickets"

3.Sign in using the email address and password associated with your Steelers Account Manager. This email should be the same as for the Ticketmaster account.

4. Select the game.

5.Tap "View Barcode."

6.Be sure to save your tickets to your phone's digital wallet BEFORE you head to the game. Tap "Add to Wallet" and confirm which tickets to add. Once complete, your tickets will be accessible within your phone's wallet*. *


How to transfer your tickets

1. Select the game you wish to transfer. Tap "Transfer."

2. Select the seats to transfer and tap "Transfer to."

3. You may either select from your existing phone contacts or manually enter a recipient's email or cell phone number (if using the Steelers Mobile App only; if using desktop, you must use the recipient's email address) Enter the email address or mobile number for the recipient.

4. If sending by cell phone number, a text will automatically be generated for you to send. Tap the green arrow to send the text message.

5. If sending by email, once you tap "Transfer tickets" the receipt will receive an email with instructions for accepting the tickets.

To cancel a transfer BEFORE the tickets have been accepted, tap "Cancel Transfer" to return the tickets to your account. If the tickets have already been accepted by the receipt, you will no longer be able to cancel the transfer. To reacquire the tickets, the recipient must transfer them back to you.


How to post your tickets for sale

1. Select the game you wish to wish. Tap "Sell."

2. Select the seats you wish to sell then tap "Set Price."

3. Set the sale price per ticket. Then tap "Payout method."

4. Select your payout method. Seller credit will apply the funds to your Steelers account while deposit account will transfer the funds to a checking or savings account. If you prefer the payout via a deposit account, you must add this by using the bank account and routing number.

5. Confirm the information and click "Sell Ticket(s)."   

NOTE:Funds for tickets you sell will be available to you after the event has taken place.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my ticket(s) on my mobile device?
Use the Steelers Official Mobile App to access your ticket(s) by selecting the "Tickets" tab on the toolbar and log in to your Steelers account. You can access the Steelers Official Mobile App here.

Can I print my ticket(s) from home?
Tickets can no longer be printed and must be accessed on a mobile device.

Can I screenshot my ticket(s)?
No. Because the mobile ticket has a dynamic barcode, screenshots or images of tickets cannot be accepted. Every ticket must be presented from within the Steelers Mobile App or your phone's digital wallet.

If I'm attending with a group, does each guest need his/her own ticket downloaded?
Yes. All guests holding multiple tickets should transfer those tickets to the individual members of their party prior to arriving to the stadium so they receive important health and safety information for gameday. For step-by-step instructions on how to transfer your tickets, see above under "How to transfer your tickets to a family member or friend."

Why should I save my ticket(s) to my phone?
Saving your ticket to your digital wallet before arriving at Heinz Field ensures you can access the barcode should you lose wireless or WiFi service.

What should I do if I don't have a smartphone or if my phone is lost, breaks or dies before I get to Heinz Field?
Please visit our Customer Service Windows located on Art Rooney Avenue for assistance. Customer Service windows open two (2) hours prior to kickoff.

To access tickets purchased from a third party not affiliated with the Pittsburgh Steelers or Ticketmaster, please contact the source from which you purchased the ticket(s) for any issues accessing your mobile tickets.