Seat Transfer Request

Transfer Forms - Transfer requests must be submitted on a Pittsburgh Steelers Seat License Transfer Form. Transfer requests will not be accepted by phone or email.

Transfer Fee - As of May 1, 2010, there will be a $50 transfer fee for each Transfer Form, payable by check or money order only. Checks/money orders should be made payable to Pittsburgh Steelers.

Completed Form - The Transfer Form must be completed in its entirety. Incomplete Transfer Forms will be returned to the Transferor.

One Transferee Per Request - Only one Transferee can be named on a Transfer Form. If you are transferring seat licenses to more than one Transferee, a separate Transfer Form must be submitted for each Transferee.

Signatures - The Transfer Form must be signed and dated by the current license holder (as Transferor) and by the person to whom the seat license is being transferred (as Transferee). Transferor and Transferee must each submit a copy of his/her driver's license or government issued photo I.D.

Transferor's Account Must Be Current And In Good Standing - In order to qualify for a seat license transfer, Transferor's account must be current and in good standing with no outstanding balances. Transfer requests will not be processed until the Steelers have received full payment of all outstanding balances due on Transferor's Account.

Transferee Seat License Agreement - The transfer will not be effective until Transferee signs and returns a new seat license agreement which will be issued in Transferee's name, a new account number is assigned to Transferee, and the transfer is recorded on the books of the Steelers. Transferee will be notified in writing when the transfer is effective. Until the effective date, Transferor will remain the holder of the seat license(s).

Obtaining Transfer Forms - Transfer Forms can be obtained by:

  • Visiting the Steelers Ticket Office, Heinz Field, Gate B, 100 Art Rooney Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212;
  • Downloading from (select "TICKETS & STADIUM"); or
  • Sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Steelers Ticket Office, Attention: Transfer Form Requests.

Credit Balance Refunds - Credit balances remaining in discontinued accounts will be refunded to Transferor within six (6) to eight (8) weeks. The Steelers will not transfer money between accounts.

Responsibility For Ticket Delivery - For transfer requests received after season tickets have been sent to the current license holder, the Steelers will not be responsible for delivering tickets to the Transferee. The Steelers shall have no liability for claims of entitlement to tickets as between Transferee and Transferor.

Limitation On When Transfer Requests May Be Submitted - Transfer requests will not be processed between November 1st and the last game (regular season or playoff) played by the Steelers during that football season.

Limitation On Number Of Transfers - A seat license may not be transferred more than once per calendar year, except in the case of the death of the license holder or at the sole discretion of the Steelers.

No Joint-Ownership Of Seat Licenses - There shall be no joint-ownership of any seat license. There may only be one license holder for a given seat at any given time.

Transfer Resulting From Death Of A Seat License Holder - In addition to all other items required for processing a transfer request, the following requirements must be met: (1) a certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased license holder must be submitted; (2) the Transfer Form must be signed by the Executor or Administrator of the deceased license holder's estate; and (3) the Executor or Administrator must submit official evidence of his/her capacity. In the case of an Executor, a recently-dated short certificate of Letters Testamentary must be submitted; or, in the case of an Administrator, Letters of Administration, bearing a raised seal.

Transfer Of Seat Licenses Owned In Business Name - For seat licenses held in the name of a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, the Transfer Form must be signed by an authorized official of Transferor and must be accompanied by appropriate legal documentation (e.g., corporate resolutions, partnership authorization, merger papers, officers certificate) showing his/her authority to transfer ownership of the seat licenses.

Handicap Accessible Or Wheelchair Seating - Transfer requests involving handicap accessible or wheelchair seating must be designated as such on the Transfer Form and will be handled by the Steelers on a case-by-case basis.

Estimated Time For Completion Of Transfer Process - Please allow at least six (6) to eight (8) weeks for the transfer process to be completed.

Stadium Tours Unavailable - The Steelers will not conduct or permit stadium tours related to the transfer of seat licenses.

Changes In Transfer Policy - The Terms and Conditions of this Transfer Policy, Restrictions and Guidelines are subject to change without notice.