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'Tomlin's Takes' on scenarios, JuJu & more

Staying focused: The scenarios for the Steelers getting into the playoffs are plentiful. But there is one thing Coach Mike Tomlin knows. The scenarios mean nothing if the team doesn't go out on Sunday and perform at their best against the Baltimore Ravens and come away with a victory.

"We're not worried about the myriad of scenarios that are capable of being discussed this week," said Tomlin. "We understand the position we are in. We made the bed. We are willing to lay in it. What we are focused on are the things that are within our control as we stand here and prepare for this week and that's our preparation and ultimately our play.

"The only thing we can do this week is prepare for this game and go beat Baltimore, so that is our agenda. That is our focus. We are not going to waste a lot of time harboring other possibilities and such. I have been in these circumstances before unfortunately. Many of our guys have. I believe that won't be a real issue for us in terms of making sure the days are good days leading up to the game and then having the type of singular focus that is going to allow us to perform. Look forward to doing that, look forward to doing that with this group and we'll see where we are when the dust settles."

Inside the lines: With so many scenarios existing, and other games having an impact on the Steelers playoff hopes, it's going to be hard to not take a glance at the scoreboard here and there to see what is happening. But Tomlin knows, it doesn't matter what is happening outside of the stadium. What is happening on the field is what is most important.

"I am not into all of that," said Tomlin about scoreboard watching. "If they want to display it, they meaning Baltimore, they will. If they don't, they won't. We've got to handle what is inside the white lines for us."

Looking forward: Following Sunday's loss to the Jets, JuJu Smith-Schuster put a lot of blame on his shoulders for letting a fourth-down pass sail through his hands, a pass that if he had caught, he could have possibly scored on to give the Steelers the lead.

Tomlin, though, wasn't looking at the 'what ifs,' but instead was pleased to have one of the team's top receivers back after he missed four straight games.

"It was good to have him back," said Tomlin. "It was a good place to build from. Our windshield is bigger than our rearview mirror. I look forward to him preparing this week and providing a winning performance and being a part of it this week."

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