Steelers playoff scenarios

The Steelers road to the playoffs isn't an easy one.

Going into the Jets game the scenario was simple…win two games and the Steelers are in. But losing to the Jets blurred the picture a bit.

If the Steelers defeat the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium and the Tennessee Titans lose to the Houston Texans on the road, the Steelers will clinch the AFC 6th seed and be a Wild Card Playoff team.

There are other scenarios for the Steelers to get in, but that is the clearest path to the playoffs.

The Steelers can still get in at 8-8 if they lose to the Ravens, but a lot has to happen including the Titans lose to the Texans, the Indianapolis Colts defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Oakland Raiders lose to or tie the Denver Broncos.

And there is more. Here is the breakdown of how the Steelers can make the playoffs.**


  • PIT win + TEN loss/tie
  • PIT tie + TEN loss
  • PIT loss + TEN loss + IND win + OAK loss/tie OR
  • TEN loss + IND win + PIT ties OAK in strength-of-victory tiebreaker ^

^ PIT ties OAK in strength-of-victory tiebreaker if ALL of the following teams win: MIN, GB, KC AND MIA

Week 17 schedule:

  • Steelers at Ravens
  • Titans at Texans
  • Colts at Jaguars