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'Tomlin's Takes' on rookie minicamp

Making plays: The Steelers are on Day 2 of their rookie minicamp and Coach Mike Tomlin likes what some of the team's draft picks are showing, as well as the evaluation process they are all going through.

"I like the way the guys are acclimating themselves," said Tomlin. "Some draft picks, some noteworthy guys are showing their pedigree, which is expected on Day 2. Mason (Rudolph) made some plays, James Washington, and others.   

"A lot of instruction. Just getting to know guys. How they learn. How their body works. Part of these evaluation is getting to know some tryout guys as well. Largely the group is doing a nice job of representing themselves. As we get into the weekend conditioning becomes a factor. We'll just continue to watch. The process itself is a good one."

Talking the talk: Communication is a key at the safety spot, and Tomlin likes what he is already hearing from the two young safeties they selected this year, first-round pick Terrell Edmunds, and fifth-round pick Marcus Allen.

"The way that you standout at this juncture is just communicating, or willingness to communicate," said Tomlin. "I like to hear a lot of pre-snap chatter. Both guys are providing that. It shows you a lot of things. It shows you they are into it, they are situationally aware. The safety is a communicating position, so that is a job requirement. It also shows that they are capable of learning things we are presenting to them in the classroom and taking it out to the field. Less evaluation in terms of what they are doing physically. I like what I am hearing from them prior to the ball being snapped, an indication of this being a good weekend for them."

Sharing tips: Terrell Edmunds and brother Tremaine, who was taken in the first round by the Buffalo Bills, are spending the weekend the same way, in their respective rookie minicamps. While the two can bounce thoughts off each other, when they get out on the field they both need to prove what they can do.

 "It is unique," said Tomlin. "He's no different than anyone else in that that unique relationship is not going to help him make plays out here. I'm sure at night he's having good, familiar conversations with a guy that's in a very similar position. But out here, he's got to make the plays and I'm sure he and everyone understands that."

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