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'Tomlin's Takes' on talking to NY, bye week & more

Getting an explanation: Coach Mike Tomlin made it no secret following Sunday's win over the Seattle Seahawks that he was not pleased with how the game transpired at the end.

Officials reviewed a reception by Seahawks' receiver DK Metcalf, which was punched out by James Pierre and then recovered by Freddie Swain. Officials stopped the game with 3 seconds remaining to confirm whether it was a catch, allowing the Seahawks to get into position to spike the ball to stop the clock and in turn kick the game tying field goal.

Tomlin said he spoke with the NFL office, and is now moving forward.

"The game was stopped by a replay guy to find confirmation of a component of the play on the field, and I didn't agree with that in the most significant moment, and I expressed it," said Tomlin. "I had some conversations with New York regarding it. Got an explanation. I wouldn't necessarily say I got clarity.

"But I'm not going to discuss it any further. It's in our rear view. It doesn't benefit me or us in any way to continue to rehash it and so that's my position.

"Oftentimes after games, particularly hot contested games like that, I acknowledge things that transpire in the bowl, particularly things that I think are significant. But on a Tuesday, as we and everyone else is moving forward, it's fruitless for me to continue to expand upon it in my position and what was said, and who said what, and what I expect to happen in reaction to it. I understand that you guys are interested but pardon me if I don't indulge you."

Perfect timing: The Steelers hit the field on Tuesday, not in preparation for their next game as they are heading into their bye week, but to work on different aspects that are things Tomlin would like to use the bye to clean up.

"Good day's work today focused on our performance from Seattle," said Tomlin. "Analyzed it, acknowledged some things, but more importantly than that, we're looking for some trends. Some things that need to be addressed. Issues for us in that game but have been issues for us. I think part of good coaching is eliminating known issues. So, I'm challenging the staff to make our known problems disappear and lead the charge in that regard.

"That's just the nature of this thing. We've got to continue to be a group on the rise. And when you don't have a combatant waiting on you at the end of the week, it's easier to get singularly focused on yourselves and your warts. One day's work is not going to do that. The work is somewhat ceremonial and an acknowledgement of those discussions. The key thing is to identify the areas that we need to work at and make a commitment in the days moving forward that we minimize some of those issues in an effort to increase our chances of winning.

"Those that need rest will get rest, those that need development will get opportunities for that. And that's what some of the 11-on-11 football was about, about pass under pressure, two-minute. It's just good growth opportunities for young and developing guys, first contract guys, backups, practice squad guys.

"At this point in the journey we acknowledge that we're going to need continued assistance from developing guys like that. We've called on some already, but just a natural attrition that is this game. We better be prepared, and they better be prepared for others to have an opportunity, and the strength of the pack is the strength of the pack.

"Those are some of the things that capture our attention, some of the things that we're focused on, on a day like today, in a bye week. Hadn't seen a bye week that I didn't like it. Always comes at the appropriate time."

He said it: Tomlin on the progress of defensive lineman Stephon Tuitt:
"He's still on IR and working hard and making progress. How close he is to return to play? I do not have an answer to that as I stand here right now."

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