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Tomlin: 3 things to know for Broncos game

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Winning comes first:** There are very few NFL running backs who don't think about their statistics, about how many carries they get and how many yards they tally each week. But there also are very few running backs like DeAngelo Williams. At 32-years old Williams is carrying the load of a 22-year old back, and doing it in the same fashion as the young guns. He has said the numbers he puts up don't matter to him. It's all about the wins, something that Coach Mike Tomlin appreciates.

"It's probably common for 32-year old running backs with no Super Bowl ring. That is what he is," said Tomlin of Williams' mindset. "He was very clear about what he was searching for when he came here. That is one of the things that really attracts us to him. He means what he says in that he wants to win and be a part of it. Statistics are less important to him, winning is most important to him and I really appreciate that."

  • Continuing to grow: Safety Rob Golden brings energy, intelligence and fire to special teams, and against the Bengals he brought that same trifecta to the defense. Golden recorded his first career interception against the Bengals, and Tomlin said his game is continually evolving and developing.

"He has grown in a lot of areas," said Tomlin. "Like a lot of guys that are backup players you work your tail off, work on all aspects of their game. I don't ask those guys to be patient. I ask them to work while they wait."

Savvy veteran: While Golden is a player who is growing, cornerback Will Gay is a savvy veteran who knows the ins and outs of playing in the secondary, which has allowed him to have six career interception returns for touchdowns, the most recent last Sunday against the Bengals.

"Will is a guy that is always highly prepared, always does a nice job of playing the game from an above the neck standpoint," said Tomlin. "When you are a guy who is consistency where you are supposed to be and seeing what you are supposed to see, you are generally opportunistic. I think he really embodies that. The older he gets, the more it is highlighted."

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