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3 takes from Tomlin on Colts game

  • Deebo leads the way: Coach Mike Tomlin has a lot of leaders in the locker room. Some lead by example. Some are vocal leaders.

"What I want guys to do is be themselves," said Tomlin. "And be their best selves. You have to acknowledge different guys are blessed in different ways. Some guy's talents lead them in terms of leading by example. Some guys are outgoing personality types and have a way of capturing a moment with their words and bringing guys together. If leadership is a skill set they have, I expect them to do it, provided they are doing what they are supposed to do."

One player who definitely leads by example is linebacker William Gay. Harrison, who became the Steelers' all-time sack leader on Sunday, was in the weight room bright and early on Monday morning, working out at 7:30 am, something that is the norm for him. And others notice, including Tomlin who heard music in the weight room on Monday morning and walked in to see Harrison.

"They watch everything that he does," said Tomlin of Harrison's leadership. "On the field and off. Less than 24 hours after becoming our all-time sack leader, on a short week he is in there doing what he does. There is a lot to glean from a guy who approaches his business in the manner that he does and I know our guys recognize that."

Short week: The Steelers have a short week as they prepare for the Indianapolis Colts, with just three days to prepare before hitting the road. And even more limited will the time be the team has on the field to prepare. But Tomlin is comfortable with the work the team has put in leading up to this point in order to be physically prepared for the challenge.

"Thankfully we are approaching the game and some of the physical repetitions required for readiness hopefully is minimized," said Tomlin. "Hopefully we can lean on the cumulative body of physical repetitions we have had in terms of game repetitions. We aren't going to discount this day and a half of physical repetitions that we have. We are going to utilize it."

Snap count: Rookie Sean Davis played every snap on defense against the Browns, 66 total, and continues to earn playing time and trust with his performance.

"He is just growing," said Tomlin. "He is a young guy who is getting better every week, every day. He is gaining experience through repetition. The more experience he gains, the less mistakes he makes, and the more opportunities we give him. It's really as simple as that."

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