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Weekly Recap

Ultimate highlights, top plays, Hilton and more

A look back at all the Steelers news during the week.

**Asked and Answered: July 12**
Switching Dupree to ROLB and Watt to LOLB makes sense, is worth a shot MORE

**Hilton: ‘I knew I had it in me’**
A closer look at Mike Hilton MORE

**Steelers announce home opener activities**
The Steelers will host the Kansas City Chiefs in their 2018 regular-season home opener at Heinz Field on Sunday, September 16th MORE

See who has worn jersey No. 83 in Steelers history

**Asked and Answered: July 10**
Down to 6 days for a long-term deal with Le'Veon, who won't be tagged in 2018 MORE

**Washington: ‘It’s a big adjustment’**
A closer look at James Washington MORE

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