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Washington: 'It's a big adjustment'

A Closer Look: James Washington

Position: Wide Receiver
Experience: Rookie
College: Oklahoma State
Twitter Handle: @JamesWashington

Who is your football mentor or inspiration?
I like to watch Dez Bryant because of all of the accolades he has acquired over the years. We played at the same college. I grew up watching him. I've watched a lot of film on him. I based my athleticism around him a little bit.

What motivates you?
My parents. They put in a lot of hard work to help me get to this point and I just want to pay them gratitude.

What has been the biggest challenge you've had to overcome?
Moving from a small town of a little under 3,000 people, to moving to Oklahoma State which is an upgrade and then moving to Pittsburgh, which is even more. It's a process, but I am getting the hang of it.

How do you adjust to it?
I try to find people who have the same kind of attitude and character as I do and we usually get along good.

What's it like adjusting to the traffic?
It's a big adjustment. It takes like three minutes to get across town at home, to 20 minutes or 45 minutes here depending on the time of day.

What scares you?
Failure. I think everyone can vouch for that. You don't ever want to fail.

When did you start to dream about playing in the NFL?
A long time ago, when I was five or six years old because I was just watching guys do it. Growing up, though, I was a big basketball guy. My sophomore year of high school I told myself I would have a better shot at football, so I stuck with it and made it to this point.

Why do you play football?
It's like a brotherhood. You meet guys you will know for the rest of your life. Those are bonds that will never break. You can be 50 years old and you might see these guys out later in life, and it's like you never were apart. It's a good foundation.

What is your proudest football moment or memory?
Leaving a legacy at Oklahoma State for other guys to follow and to help that program succeed.

When you hear Steelers football, what do you think?
Hard work and blue collar guys. An amazing culture. An organization that doesn't care where you came from, as long as you can help them win they love you.

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