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Re: Visiting the Steelers and were you surprised they wanted you in the second round:
I had no idea. I talked to all the coaches and everything went well. Coach Tomlin and I had good talks. But I had no idea they would pull the trigger on me this early.

How difficult was it to turn down professional baseball?
It was a process. I actually flew to Boston. I was a 17-year old kid, and I looked down at the paper, and there was a million dollars on it. It was hard to turn down. But football is what I love to do. Football is in my heart. I just followed my heart and it all turned out well.

Did you ever question yourself and ask if you made the wrong decision?
I never questioned myself because I went to Mississippi for a three-thing deal. I got the chance to play football, baseball and get a degree. So I knew out of one of those three routes one of those were going to work out for me.

Re: Being a short cornerback:
That's just something that I am going to have to deal with. Once I get up there and perform – I don't really listen to all of the talk. I've gone against a lot of people in my four years at Ole Miss, 6-3 and 6-4 receivers, some big guys.


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How much did you play inside and outside?**
I played inside more of my freshman year.

Re: Having 10 interceptions in one season and how were you so successful intercepting the ball:
It's just understanding the game. The first three years I kind of got a slow start just because I was just taking my time perfecting my game and understanding football. It just had a lot to do with a lot of film watching (and) a lot of just understanding what's going on out on the field. I think that definitely had a big role in it. Just me understanding the game and getting that experience in.

Do you know anything about Deshea Townsend?
Yeah. I've heard of him. I really don't know much about him, but in know he was a pretty good corner for Pittsburgh.

Re: The state of Mississippi having such a rich football tradition and why that is:
People call us country. We're some country boys so we know how to put in the work.


Who is your favorite player from Mississippi?**
Terrell Buckley. We come from the same hometown. Definitely that was a guy that I always looked up to and watched.

How many years did you play baseball in college?
I played my freshman year, and I went out my sophomore year for a little while. I stopped playing my sophomore year.

Did you have trouble with the curveball?
Yeah, definitely. That was probably one of my biggest issues was the curveball [laughs].

What is your curveball in football?
I think my technique. If I could go with anything that I need to work on it's just my mechanics and my technique.

Will you need technique to cover receivers in the NFL?
Yes sir. You're right about that.


Can you cover tall wide receivers?**
Yeah. No doubt about it. I've guarded Mike Evans before. I went against all the receivers at Missouri. You just pull up the film from my four years and I guarded most of the guys that a lot of people have drafted in the first round.

How did you do against Evans?
I did pretty good. I actually matched up on him for like two years straight. Of course he had success on us and I had success on them. We just went back and forth with it. He definitely was the biggest I had out of all my years at Ole Miss.

Which of your 10 interceptions last year was your favorite?
It's a toss-up. Either between the Alabama one or my pick-six because it was my first pick-six.

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