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Transcript: Sammie Coates conference call

SAMMIE COATESWide Receiver – Auburn3rd Round – 87th Overall



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Did you ever go against Senquez Golson in college?
Yeah a little bit [laughing]. A couple of times.

Re: Golson being smaller and if he dominated him:
[Laughing] I did a little something to him.

Are you excited to learn from your teammates in Pittsburgh?
Oh yeah, I'm very excited to be a part of it. The wide receivers they have make plays. They're playing good. I'm just ready to get up there and start learning from all of them.

Where do you see yourself fitting in this offense?
I'm just willing to do what I need to do to get the job done. I'm just working. I got better at everything I was working on. I am just ready to get on the field and show them what I'm about.

Do you have much experience in the slot receiver position?
They moved me inside on certain routes. The last second half I was doing I'm willing to do it.

How much did your knee injury vs. Arkansas hurt you during the season?
It took like the whole season. I didn't have time to let it heal. I didn't take off the time that I was supposed to. I just kept playing through it. But after the season and everything I had time to let it heal. I got it back stronger and I got back faster.


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Re: Being labeled as a deep threat and if he wants to be regarded as an all-around receiver:**
My goal is to be an all-around receiver for my team. I want to be one of the best at everything not just the deep route. One of my go-to things is running the deep route, and I'm going to stick to that.

Do you take pride in 50-50 receptions vs. defensive backs?
That's my pride. That's my pride and joy.

Do you remember your 260-yard receiving game vs. Alabama?
I remember it.

Re: Dominating them:
I felt like I left a lot of plays on the field that I could've taken advantage of. But other than that, I just played my game. I had fun and our coaches let me loose that game.

Re: Him leaving plays on the field:
Yeah, I had one dropped in the end zone that should have been a touchdown. I was really ticked about that. But other than that, there were a few plays I was supposed to make, and I didn't come down with them.

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