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L.T. WALTONDefensive End – Central Michigan6th Round – 199th Overall

Re: Being familiar with Antonio Brown:
Yes. I'm very familiar. You already know that.

Are you close with Brown?
I never was able to meet Antonio until afterwards. I never played with him. I came in after him but from everything that I've heard, he's one of the hardest working players and one of the greatest receivers in the game right now. I'm very excited to get out there with a former teammate.

Is working hard a Central Michigan tradition?
We're all about tradition at CMU. That's all we know.

What do you think about your opportunity here?
I'm very excited about my opportunity. I want to thank the Pittsburgh Steelers for this opportunity. I'm at a loss for words right now. I just want to get out there and work right now.

Have you been able to talk with Antonio about how he made it?
I've never had the opportunity to talk to him about it. From the outside looking in, I can tell it's all hard work and dedication with him.


View photos of Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 6th Round Draft Pick, defensive end Leterrius Walton.

What kind of interest have the Steelers shown in you?**
Looking at it, I thought that the Steelers from time-to-time, like down at the East West shrine game and at the Combine and formal meetings, but never nothing like a visit or a private workout or anything like that. So I was kind of surprised by it, but once again I want to thank the Pittsburgh Steelers for the opportunity.

Have you always been known as L.T.?
Yes. Everybody has called me that even when I was younger.

Re: Playing inside or outside: I feel like I'm a versatile player. I feel comfortable playing inside, outside, or whatever's best for the team I'm able to do.

Were you mostly inside in the 4-3 at Central Michigan?
Yes sir.

Would they call that a shade nose?
I played the shade nose. We played the shade nose in a three technique in our defense.

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