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JESSE JAMESTight End – Penn State5th Round – 160th Overall

Can you talk about being drafted by your hometown team?
I couldn't be happier. I think it's a great fit. Being from Pittsburgh, I'm happy to go there. I couldn't be more excited to get there and get to work.

What impressed you from your visit with the Steelers?
Just the way I felt in the building and talking to coaches. It was a great experience for me to get to speak with some of those coaches a little bit and get a good feel for them. I'm excited to get back there and start to get to work for them.

Do you think your receiving skills have largely gone untapped?
Yes. Definitely I agree with that. In the system we ran, I didn't have a chance to show how athletic I am. I'll have a shot to do that in the future, being able to show exactly what I can do in the receiving aspect of the game.

Re: James Daniel saying that he can be a red zone threat with his height:
Yeah. I think it's just the way I can move my body and my size. The red zone is an area where you want a guy with my measurables to help execute those red zone targets.

What are our thoughts of Heath Miller and being able to work with him?
I couldn't be more excited to get in the tight end room with him and learn from him and watch him practice. He's a guy that I've watched film on for the past year so I'm just trying to learn his game and how he goes about things since I've been watching him, and learn from him.


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Are you disappointed to be draft in the fifth round and what did the committee project you as?**
I'm just happy to be going to Pittsburgh. I didn't really get caught up with the rounds. I just knew wherever I would get the chance, I'm going to go and make the most of it. It wasn't too much fun sitting around and having a long day yesterday, but I couldn't be more excited to get there.

Is it a wild scene in Glassport, Pa. today?
I'm sure. I think as soon those phone calls started, I have got maybe 150 text messages. But I'm happy to head back home and play for the hometown.

Are you in Penn State right now?

Do you think that you're faster than what you were timed at the combine?
Yeah, 100%. I just didn't have my best running that day. I came to Penn State and had about what I expected. I think I could have ran a little faster than that but that's the time I got that day. I felt really good about all my measurables and everything that went into that process.

What was your reasoning behind declaring for the draft early?
My reason behind coming out early was that it didn't have anything to do with class or anything along those lines. It was more that I felt I could contribute at the next level and I could make an impact for whatever team took me. I couldn't be happier to be headed home.

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