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DORAN GRANTCornerback – Ohio State4th Round – 121st Overall

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Akron, Ohio. Just outside of Akron.

Were you a Steelers fan?
Actually, not really, but I definitely am now.

Were you a frustrated Browns fan?
No. I was a Cowboys fan growing up. But I definitely love the way the Steelers run their program. I just love the history (and) championship culture there.

Do you have comfort with the other Ohio State players on the Steelers' roster?
Yeah. As a matter of fact, Cameron Heyward just sent me a text congratulating me. Ryan Shazier, he just face-timed me. I also talked to Mike Adams. So there is definitely a strong Buckeye connection.

What's your best attribute as a cornerback?
I would say tackling and my intelligence. I feel like I'm a great tackler. I feel also my intelligence in the film room and on the chalkboard is very good, and I can translate that information to the field very fast.

Re: The defensive scheme in Pittsburgh being similar to Ohio State's scheme:
Yes. The defensive schemes are very accurate and very similar with cover-8 and some press in quarters and stuff like that.


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Who is the best wide receiver that you covered in college?**
Sammy Watkins.

How did you do against Watkins?
I did okay. He scored a touchdown. But I did okay. I had a pretty good showing against Amari Cooper too this past year.

On your facility visit, did the Steelers tell you how they would use you?
Yeah. At the cornerback position. I'd play on the outside and get a lot of depth there, and make some impact on special teams.

Did they mention you playing safety when you visited?
No. I was a cornerback here.

Has anyone ever discussed you playing safety?
Actually, yes, I have because of my height, weight and size combination. But if they say safety, I'm very versatile. I could play at the outside at cornerback or put me inside or possibly back deep at the safety position. Which I feel like I can play.

When was the last time you played safety?
I played it in practice, but I've never played it in a game. But I know I'm smart enough to learn that position because I pay attention to whole defensive backfield.

Did you run into James Harrison and his family in Akron, Ohio?
No, I didn't run into his family. Actually I know who his family is I just don't know them personally. I haven't seen them recently.


How far away did you grow up from his family?**
He went to Coventry High School. I'd say that's about four miles from my house.

Have you met fellow St. Vincent-St. Mary alumnus LeBron James?
Yeah I've met him before. I've met him a couple of times.

What stood out about your championship run at Ohio State?
I'd have to say the togetherness of the team. We believed in each other so much to get that done with a great motivator in Urban Meyer. There was just no way that we weren't going to get the job done. We just believed in one another. We knew what we had to do. We prepared well. I'll just say the guys around me definitely stood out. Each individual in front of me, behind me, to the right, to the left, those guys right there.

Re: When Cardale Jones was throwing the deep ball to your cousin and former Buckeye teammate, Devin Smith, in practice and if you could keep up with Smith:
I picked it off a couple of times in practice [laughing]. So yes I can.

Did Smith ever beat you?
He beat me a couple of times.

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