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ANTHONY CHICKILLOLinebacker – Miami (Fla.)6th Round – 212th Overall

Re: Being drafted by Pittsburgh and the organization:
It's just a blessing. I am just real excited that they took a chance on me, and I am not going to let them down.

Re: Joining a good group of pass rushers, including James Harrison:
I am just so excited just to be a part of that defense. The Steelers, they are just an example of what defense is all about. I am so happy. I am just blessed to be doing this. And I can't wait to get up there and start working.

Re: Having a passion for the game, being a gym rat and film junkie:
I come from a football family. My grandfather, Nick Chickillo, actually played for the Steelers for a season in the 1950s. I know all about Coach Tomlin and the Rooney family. I am just so blessed to be able to go up there and get an opportunity to play on their defense.

Re: The Steelers weren't very good in the 1950s:
I know they weren't during that time that they played. But I am just really excited.

What did he tell you about the experience?
He passed away but my dad, Tony Chickillo, played in the NFL for five years. He just told me to just cherish every day and get better every day. I love football. I love studying the game. I am just so happy I get to be with an organization like Pittsburgh.

Re: Shrine Game:
Yeah [that was one of my top games]. Being at Miami, I was asked to do a little something different in the Shrine Game. I got to just go out and let it loose that week. Coach Tomlin was at my pro day. I talked with him for a little bit. It's really a blessing that I get to play for him because he is such a great and established coach.

You were a 4-3 end at the Shrine Game?

Does that fit you the best?
Yeah. Being able to play on the edge I can do any of that. That's where I feel comfortable.

Where did your dad play?
He was drafted by the Buccaneers. He also played for the Chargers and Jets.

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