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Tomlin: 'We have a lot of expectations'

Head Coach Mike Tomlin

Opening Statement:Good work day today. Working off of cards in preparation of this weekend's game, that's a big part of this process as well. Part of our evaluation is evaluating the guy's ability to take in information off of a card and still create a competitive atmosphere so that we have good game prep. We introduced that today, lot of good work in that area. We will continue to do similar things tomorrow. Nothing new on the injury front. We had a couple of guys with very minor injuries, shouldn't be a factor in terms of there participation on availability this weekend. Ryan Shazier didn't finish practice, and Will Johnson didn't either but we expect them back out tomorrow.

How have you evaluated the offensive line so far in camp?
They have done some nice things but we expect them too. We have some continuity in that group, not only in terms of players but also the coaching. Good to have Mike Munchak back with that group. The sky is the limit for them and I guess you can include Marcus Gilbert in that group as well. These guys are not young guys anymore. They are moving into the prime of their career and they have done it together, so we have a lot of expectations regarding that group.


The Pittsburgh Steelers participated in their second to last training camp practice.

How much experimenting have you seen from the defense over the last three or four weeks?**
That's this process and not only for them but also for the offense and the special teams as well. That is what you do in these environments, you take a look at things and see what sticks.

Re: Evaluating the Packers:
It is a combination of everything this time of year. They have continuity on their staff and their core personnel, so it is not like we can't look to 2014 or 2013 or even 2010 for that matter. Just happens to be this weekend's challenge, but those are the challenges that are presented to us this time of year. But it is not anything catastrophic by any stretch.

In which areas could the defense get better?
All areas. We have room for improvement in just about everything that we do in all phases of our football team. We still have three preseason games in front of us so I'm not trying to paint with a broad brush or looking for any conclusions.

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