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Post game quotes: Steelers vs. Packers


Head coach Mike Tomlin**

Opening Statement:It feels good to make the necessary plays, especially at home. The game was not perfect by any stretch. We stopped ourselves on offense early in the game and had a pre-snap penalty at midfield, but we overcame that. We also had an offensive pass interference penalty. Defensively, we warmed up to it, which we can't afford to do. However, I thought they performed above the line once they settled in. Probably a significant element of the game that created adversity for us were those two turnovers, one late in the second quarter and the other early in the third quarter. We can't have those happen. I think Green Bay got 10 points off of those turnovers and it created an atmosphere we had to overcome. Thankfully, we did. We had good energy and teamwork in the stadium today. On the injury front, Maurkice Pouncey has an ankle injury and we've evaluated it. It's probably going to be surgical, but I don't know the length of time he will be out. We will analyze that after he has the procedure done. Stephon Tuitt has an ankle injury, which appears to be just your classic ankle injury. He will be out a couple of weeks, or so. Also, Bruce Gradkowski had a finger injury. Other than that, we just had the normal bumps and bruises. I'm sure the next time we get together, I will be able to get you an update on the status of Pouncey. It's part of the game and we don't overanalyze it. It's as much a part of the game as blocking or tackling. We will make the necessary adjustments and I expect the ball to keep rolling, because that's the business we are in.

Will Pouncey possibly be an IR return candidate?
I will give you information regarding that once we handle the surgical procedure.


The Pittsburgh Steelers faced the Green Bay Packers in Week 2 of the 2015 preseason at Heinz Field

Was it a break?**
I don't know. The only details I have are what I have said already.

Can you assess Landry Jones' preseason so far?
It's largely been arrow pointed up. Like I've said before, it's big picture. We have so much football in front of us right now, so I don't want to paint with a broad brush at this point. He's got a lot of opportunities in front of him, as do all of the men.

Do you like how the offense bounced back during that second drive when they went 80 yards for a touchdown?
We don't worry about that. We have a group that's capable of going down the grass. Every time they take the field, they take it with that mentality, not in response to what somebody else did.

Re: On the pass rush:
I thought it warmed up, but we can't be in that business. That's the knee-jerk response I have to the performance. The tape may tell me something different. You don't always get the opportunity to warm up in our business.

Did you see anything you liked from Bud Dupree?
He got home some. I will look at the details and evaluate the tape, but he was obviously in the backfield some. That's why you take guys in the first round at that position. You expect them to be in the backfield.

QB Landry Jones

How was it to win?
It is always nice winning. It wasn't necessarily pretty at the beginning but we got the win.


In your performance you seemed a lot more comfortable than you have been in the last few games?**
Yeah, I felt comfortable out there. Like I said earlier it was a little rocky at the beginning but then we started to pick it up.

Re: Team had some big third down conversions:
It is always great to convert a third-down conversion and when we are in field goal range. It allowed us to get that touchdown.

You worked with a lot of wide receivers today, there were some big plays but then there were some drops. Just your overall thoughts on those:
Drops are going to happen. It's not like they are going out there trying to drop the ball. I could have helped them out a little bit more with some throws. All in all it was a positive day because we won the game.

S Shamarko Thomas

General comment
I'm just out there playing with my team, doing what they want me to do, and doing what coaches expect of me. I'm just out there working hard.

What's the expectations you have?
I'm just willing to show my teammates that I'm out there for them. It's not a big thing. I'm just trying to work hard and stay consistent.

QB/WR Tyler Murphy

Do you read into anything the fact that you are lining up primarily at receiver, as opposed to switching back and forth like you have?
I'm not 100% sure what the deal is. You'd have to talk to coach about that. I'm just trying to do what they tell me and execute at a high level, and put good stuff on tape.

[On your touchdown] were those quarterback moves or receiver moves?
I used to do a little bit of stuff like that at quarterback. Whatever gets the job done.


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Re: There were a couple of BC guys out there making some plays:**
Yes. Shakim Phillips did great a job. He went up over the top and made a great play for Landry [Jones]. We're just trying to work hard and find a way to stick around when it comes to Coach Tomlin and his staff putting together a 53-man roster.

What's it like competing with a guy that you played with for a spot?
"It's more of a friendly competition. We're just trying to push each other to get better, help each other study. So we are just trying to help each other put good things on tape [and] just trying to get better every day.

You were a check down on one completion. Did your quarterback instincts let you know that you might be an option?
Playing quarterback and knowing that stuff, I know who the hot route is when certain guys blitz and stuff like that. I'm able to kind of understand what the quarterback is thinking. I couldn't really see Landry until he stepped up. I started coming across. I knew I was kind of the last read. I just tried to go and get the first down.

S Ian Wild

You've played safety, linebacker and on special teams. How important is it for you to showcase to these guys that you can do anything?
I think it's important. As long as I am on the field, regardless of where I line up, I feel like I can get to the ball. If I can show them that, then I feel it increases my chances of making the team.

LB Jarvis Jones

How about your game, do you feel like it's coming along now?
I feel like I'm playing a lot faster. I know the defense. I just have to come around and keep working and get to the quarterback.

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