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Coach Tomlin's Post-Game Comments

Head Coach Mike Tomlin:First, it's good to get the win. We acknowledge that there's some positives and negatives that is usually associated with preseason football. But there are a lot of things (to) build upon for this football game. We kind of came in with the mindset that we would throw the ball around with our first group and run some no-huddle things. I thought that went well. We created some turnovers, the defense and that's always good. We responded to some situations but some things obviously that need to be cleaned up. Too many penalties, too many missed tackles I thought particularly in the early stages. We had them in the backfield at the line of scrimmage and they were squirting through and able to stay on schedule and we were missing prime opportunities associated with that. Weren't necessarily big runs but if you can get them in 2nd-and-12 and things of that nature like we had them, it changes the whole complexity of the series. Those missed tackles didn't allow us to do that that's why they got some first downs and possessed the ball on us a little bit more than we'd be comfortable with and consequently we didn't get a chance to snap as many balls. I think at one point they had double the time of possession that we had and those type of things have a lot to do with. Like I said, we're glad to get the win. We'll attack the corrections with the understanding that a short week in terms of getting ready for Philadelphia. We need to keep the growth and development of this group moving in the right direction.


Re: Ryan Shazier's play:**
I thought he did some good things. But not unlike what he's done when he's worked from the instant he's got here he's proven that it's not too big for him. So I can't tell you that I'm surprised by his effort tonight, I'm not.

Did you finish the game well injury-wise?
Yeah. Bryant Browning is the only one of any significance at this point. It's a shoulder dislocation. I don't have any details other than that. Some bumps and bruises but those are normal things. I don't anticipate anybody else having any type of injury that will prevent them from playing in Philadelphia. But again we'll wait to see what tomorrow morning's training room looks like.

Re: Those who didn't dress tonight and if they had setbacks this week:
Yeah Shaquille Richardson had a setback late in the week. Devin Smith had a setback late in the week. Those guys are being evaluated,. I don't know their availability for Philadelphia definitely will give you more information next time we sit down. We had a closed practice on Friday that was a good practice and a couple guys didn't come out of it.

Do you like the look of the no-huddle offense?
I did, I did. It was an appropriate time to work on it. Last week we were in New York and we wanted to come out and scavenge the run with that group and had some nice runs. But we wanted to get Ben some quality work and particularly the no-huddle and the comforts of Heinz Field tonight and they did a nice job executing that as well.


The Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Buffalo Bills at Heinz Field in Week 2 of the 2014 Preseason.

Re: Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount splitting carries:**
We're trying to work both guys. But at the same time we want to get them enough extended action that we know them as fatigue sets in and so playing consecutive plays is a big part of that. Both guys are going to get their share but I want both guys to have the lead dog mentality. And in order to have that and do that you have to see them in spurts or extended period of time. But don't read too much into it. We're just still growing and developing in terms of our division of labor. I like both guys and both guys are going to be big components for our success.

Did you have Shaun Suisham purposely not kick the ball through the endzone on kickoffs?
Yeah we have to cover kicks. The only way you get to know some of these coverage guys is to put balls in play. Shaun could put the ball throughout the back of the endzone like some of these people we're playing but we want to see what our kickoff coverage teams are capable of because it's going to get into the season. I rather know now than to know then.

Do you have any extra confidence in Markus Wheaton after his touchdown catch?
None I wasn't surprised by it.

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