What to find in the newest Steelers Digest

Steelers Digest, which has been bringing you all of the news and inside stories on the black and gold for over 30 years, brings you all of the latest from the start of the 2020 season, including an exciting 3-0 start.  
Among the things in this issue are in-depth looks at each game with analysis and photos, a feature on Cameron Heyward and Ryan Shazier, and a closer look at the Hall of Honor Class of 2020.

In addition, Craig Wolfley gives his take on rookie Kevin Dotson, in a way only Wolfley can.

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Craig Wolfley on Kevin Dotson:

The silence in the room wasn't unexpected, but it still made me a little uncomfortable and fidgety. The rest of my offensive line teammates were filing out of the room, heading out into the slightly cooler Latrobe night air. Dining at Saint Vincent College back in the day left something to be desired. All the guys were heading out to grab some grub, except for me.

Rollie Dotsch, my line coach when I came to the Steelers, had asked me to stay behind at the conclusion of the evening meeting. Sam Davis, the legendary guard of the Pittsburgh Steelers 1970s Super Bowl years, had suffered a season ending injury. As his backup, I was hoping to get the start, that they wouldn't move a veteran there, as they had done the previous year. This was during training camp of my second year as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Rollie cleared his throat, looked at me, and said, "Well, are you ready?" Blood began pumping through my veins at an accelerated rate. My heart kicked into a higher gear, simply because in that moment, that simple singular question, "Are you ready?" I knew. Just knew. Chuck and Rollie were giving me the first shot at it.

All the dreams I had nurtured throughout my life, all the hard work, the lifting weights, the running. The hopes, the dreams, the constant pushing of the envelope to excel, all of it was about to come together in a singular moment, and that moment was to step onto an NFL field as a starter.

But the big gulp moment also came with the knowledge of what lay ahead. Sure, the job could be mine. I mean, it would be if I proved starter capable. A starting job in the Chuck Noll era came with the understanding that you literally would be competing for that job every single day.

I sat there, trying to look like I was completely confident in my abilities to step up and get the job done. However, I was anything but. We were full swing into the preseason, and the opponent waiting for me that weekend would be wearing a Dallas Cowboys uniform. He would be waiting for me in the friendly confines of Texas Stadium. You know, the one with the "hole in the roof so God could watch His favorite team."

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