They Said It - Quotes from the Steelers in Tampa Day 2


They Said It

Throughout the week we will be bringing you quotes from Steelers players and coaches. The following are from the team's press conference on Monday. Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau on linebacker James Harrison and his ability to strip the ball:

"That's an innate talent. The thing that is outstanding about him is his ability to get into position to make that play. It comes from his strength, his body mass, and he's faster than people think. He's short, but in his case that's a real plus because he's got so much talent. The offensive players are taller, and he's underneath them most of the time. Then, with his strength, he can use that to his advantage, and he's got enough speed that they have to honor that too. He's got the combination of strength and speed, and that's what's unique about James. He never stops on any play, never gives up in any game."
Linebacker Larry Foote on why he didn't get a booth for Media Day:*

"I don't know. I think Ben (Roethlisberger) took my booth. They put my name on it first but then Ben took it. I am fine where I am - enjoying the sunshine and relaxing."
Fullback Carey Davis on what separates RB Willie Parker from other NFL running backs:

"A lot of people say it is his speed that separates him but I think it is his ability to find holes between the tackles. He has great vision and the ability to see an opening before it is there. The last couple of years he has done a great job of making moves and forcing people to miss."

Linebacker James Farrior on the support from the fans in Pittsburgh:

"The fans are great. They've always been great. They always support the Steelers win or lose and to have that support is really a good feeling and having the whole city behind you is a really good feeling. They want us to win just as bad as we do."
Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney on:
Why the city of Pittsburgh is so devoted to the Steelers:*

"Well there are really a lot of reasons. Success has had something to do with it. They have had difficult times in Pittsburgh and we sort of filled the void- they could have something for their pride. That has something to do with it. You know they moved. Everybody sees that when we go to Arizona there are a billion Steeler fans out there. So it is one of those things."
His appreciation of Steelers fans:

"Our fans are great. Our fans are tremendous fans. We had a pep rally before we came down here, and it was terrific. It's all young people, so you can see that the next generation is going to be there too. It was just great. I talked with many of them, and they look at Ben [Roethlisberger] and Hines [Ward] and all these great players that we have and they relate to them so it is a terrific thing."

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