Offseason Program

Snell a bundle of energy

When Benny Snell is on the football field, you can feel the energy he brings to the offense.

When he talks, Snell brings that same energy, enthusiasm, and his love for the game can't be hidden.

"I enjoy every minute," said Snell, who put that enthusiasm on display during the team's media day on Wednesday. "I am a sponge to everyone. Every coach, every player, every veteran. I take things from them and take it to the field."

Snell said he welcomes all of the feedback, whether it be from his fellow running backs James Conner and Jaylen Samuels, or from someone on the other side of the ball.

"After a certain play others besides James and Jaylen will say something. I have linebackers and defensive backs correcting me," said Snell. "It's like a brotherhood. Like it was in Kentucky. I felt comfortable there and I feel comfortable here."

Snell admitted he didn't know what to expect coming in, if he would get that kind of support or if the intense competition that comes with fighting for a roster spot would keep guys from being so helpful.

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"It is surprising," said Snell. "You would think some guys would want to just handle their business and be isolated. I know from personal experience, coming from a program that wasn't much to something that is big, that is how you make it far and take it places when everybody is on the same page, wants to get better. Everyone is helpful. It's a great team environment. A great feeling."

One of the biggest adjustments for Snell is learning a new system and while the physical side takes some getting accustomed to, it's the mental side that really has him on his toes.

"It's really the mental side," said Snell. "From where I came from it was all signals. This is like you huddle up, call the plays and let's go. It just takes learning.

"You just have to be able to go at your own pace, but learn and get better every day or people will pass you by. It's about learning from every experience."

At this point it's way too soon to know what Snell's role is going to be with just a week of OTAs in the books. But whatever is asked, you can be sure he will enthusiastically attack it.

"Wherever coach wants me, wherever he wants to put his trust in me," said Snell. "I will block, run, catch. Whatever they ask. I want to see the field as soon as possible."

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