Pain a motivator for Timmons


For Lawrence Timmons, pain is going to be a good motivator this offseason.

"Without a doubt," said Timmons. "It definitely motivates you."

And the pain obviously comes from losing Super Bowl XLV to the Green Bay Packers. Like all of his teammates it was a tough loss to take, and Timmons made sure that he let that pain sink in, looking back and watching the Packers celebrate before he left the field. "I knew what was going on because we had won it before," said Timmons. "I looked back and took a good look as we walked off the field, at the fans, the stadium, so I remember what that looks like for next year so I can use that as an edge."

"It's very tough going this far and not coming away with a win. But you have to be positive. I look at what we went through this season, losing Ben (Roethlisberger) for four games and coming out of that 3-1. Just looking at some of the younger players growing around me, it's just been great. You look at some of the old games, all of the great plays, the big wins. I just try to be positive from that."

Timmons knows the Steelers dug themselves a hole in the Super Bowl that they couldn't dig out of, but he was happy that the team never quit, fighting until the end just like they did all season.

"It shows what type of team we have," said Timmons. "We are always consistent. We always try to work hard and make plays. That has always been our story and the story of the season. We never give up."

Timmons plan now is to take about a month off and let his body recover from the season, and then get back to work with returning to the Super Bowl as his goal.

"It definitely gives you extra motivation," said Timmons. "I want to come back to that same stage next year. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth and I want to use it as motivation."

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