No nerves for Parker


By Teresa Varley  Running back Willie Parker is pumped for Super Bowl XLIII, but at the same time he is maintaining a calm demeanor knowing what to expect having played in Super Bowl XL.
"Right now I am calm, being there before you have that mentality," said Parker before the team departed for Tampa. "We have to go down to Tampa and take care of business like we did in Detroit."
But don't let that calm demeanor be mistaken for Parker taking the game lightly or anything like that. He knows the magnitude of what is in front of this team.
"It's not just another game. It's the biggest game," said Parker. "You grow up looking at this game with the big time athletes and all of the superstars. When you get a chance to play in it you know every one of us want to go out there and play our best."
In Super Bowl XL he did just that, rattling off the longest touchdown run in Super Bowl history. The expectations are high, but Parker knows he just has to do his thing.
"I just want to go out there and play hard," said Parker. "Whatever happens, happens. I am not looking for certain plays or anything. When it's time to shine it's going to happen."
During Super Bowl XL it was Jerome Bettis who was the leader of the running backs, keeping the backs and the line pumped up during the game. Now it's Parker's turn.
"During the game I will talk to the line," said Parker. "I tell them let's do this as a team. There is no 'I' in team so we have to keep each other up."
With the success that the running game has had down the stretch, that should be a lot easier to do.
"We are very confident," said Parker. "We have to go out and take care of business on Sunday. We know the running game is going to be a major issue in the game. We have to handle that and make plays."

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