Steelers Nation Unite

Lucky fans enjoy a special night

The Steelers Hall of Honor induction ceremony was an exciting evening for the Class of 2019, that included Larry Brown, Bill Cowher, Elbie Nickel and Hines Ward.

But it was also an exciting time for Scott Borsuk, who won a VIP experience through Steelers Nation Unite.

Borsuk took part in the fan voting portion of the Hall of Honor selection process, which was offered by SNU. Members could vote on who they thought should be enshrined into the Hall of Honor. One lucky member won a trip to Pittsburgh for the Hall of Honor ceremony, as well as Monday night's game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Heinz Field.

Borsuk, who grew up in Johnstown, Pa., but lives in Cumberland, Maryland, was that lucky member and attended the event with his wife Kelly.

"This is awesome," said Borzuk. "My wife wanted to meet Hines Ward and we are here for two minutes and she gets to meet Hines Ward. How cool is that? This is unbelievable. This is great. The hospitality of the Rooney family and the Steelers has been top shelf."

Borsuk got to attend a private event before the ceremony started, where he had the opportunity to mingle with Ward and others who he voted for.

"I voted for Hines. I voted for Bill Cowher," said Borsuk. "And I have always been a big Larry Brown fan. Tom Landry, in a book I read, said Larry Brown was the most underrated tackle in the NFL.

"This is wow. This is unbelievable."

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