Fans can enjoy the magic of Super Bowl XIV

The Steelers and the NFL have the perfect solution for sports starved fans.

The NFL has opened the vault of past Steelers games, and during May and June those classic games will be featured in 'Game Rewinds' on digital and social media channels.

The Steelers 'Game Rewinds' will begin on Sunday, May 24, when fans can watch the Steelers win over the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl XIV on their desktop or mobile device. Coverage will begin at 6 p.m. on the Steelers Facebook page and YouTube channel.

To make it even more exciting, the team will release special features and interviews with those who were a part of the wins. Stan Savran spoke with John Stallworth and Donnie Shell about the game, and portions of the interviews can be seen throughout the game. Prior to kickoff Stallworth and Shell will talk about the feeling they had before the game.

At halftime they will discuss what Coach Chuck Noll said to the team in the locker room, and even weigh in on Noll's playful banter with a cameraman on the way to the locker room. And in the second half, they will talk about some of the key plays that led to the 31-19 win, including Stallworth's 73-yard touchdown reception, a pass he caught in stride over cornerback Rod Perry, and Jack Lambert's interception that shut the door on the Rams' comeback attempt.

So, get your Terrible Towel ready for the fun and watch the Steelers win their fourth Super Bowl.


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