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Anticipation is building as game nears


By Teresa Varley 

Super Bowl XLIII Full Coverage With just two days until game day anticipation is building all around Tampa.
But there isn't anybody more excited for game day to arrive than the players.
Running back Willie Parker has been laid back all week, but he knows come Sunday that he is going to be pumped up when the team takes the field.
"Emotions are going to run high. I'm pretty sure they are," said Parker. "Generally, they are going to start rushing, the game jitters are going to start coming, but you can't let that play any part in how you prepare for a game. You have to get a good night's rest, get a good meal and do whatever you have to do to get ready for the game."

Parker did say that there is a big difference between those game jitters and actually being nervous about playing on such a big stage.
"Everybody has game jitters," said Parker. "It's not about being nervous. We've already been here before so we already know what to expect. My first year playing in the Super Bowl, I was kind of nervous, but this year I don't think I'll be nervous."
Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger admitted to being nervous in Super Bowl XL but said this time around, it's a different feeling.

"I'm more relaxed. I'm having more fun," said Roethlisberger. "The first time was my second year in the league, and I was so overwhelmed because it was such a dream to be in the game. This time, I'm just enjoying it and having more fun.
"I'm sure once the ball is kicked there will be nerves going through it, but if you're not nervous for this game then there's something wrong with you. This being my fifth year, I'm able to calm and control (my nerves) a little bit better and hopefully that will help."
There is one player, who at least at this point, doesn't think that he will be nervous when the team takes the field on Sunday.
"I usually don't have any butterflies. I just go out there and play," said linebacker LaMarr Woodley, who in his second season with the Steelers is playing in his first Super Bowl. "When you run out there and you see all those people, it's time to play.
"When you're out on that field everything else is zoned out. You can't be struck by what's going on around you. You have to take care of what's in front of you. If you lose focus and start worrying about everything else, the guy in front of you is going to knock you down, so you better get ready for that."

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