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A picture-perfect day for Fox


By Teresa Varley

Linebacker Keyaron Fox walked through the lobby of the Steelers hotel in Tampa on Tuesday morning looking for the picture that so many of his teammates told him about.   He wasn't going to find it there. No way. This picture was way too big for a lobby. Instead it took up the entrance way on the outside of the hotel, a huge mural which included Fox, Gary Russell and Tyrone Carter.
"I didn't even expect it," said Fox. "Someone told me about it and I went outside and looked. It gave me chills. It made the hair on my arm stand up. It's a great feeling."

It was a day of surprises for Fox, who experienced his first Super Bowl Media Day as well. He looked around in amazement at the group that gathered and just shook his head.
"This is the wildest thing I have ever seen in my life," said Fox. "It's like being on the red carpet in Los Angeles. A lot of guys are excited. I am too."
And why shouldn't he be. Fox signed with the Steelers during the offseason after spending his first four seasons with a struggling Kansas City Chiefs team. The special teams ace has talked often about how much coming to the Steelers has meant to him, but he never knew when he signed in March that he would be where he is today.
"It's one of those things that you were hoping and wishing for, but it seemed like such a long road to get here that it seemed like a fairy tale," said Fox. "But we are here and we have to make the best of it."
While Fox enjoyed the fun and insanity of media day, he is keeping everything in perspective and knows that the bottom line is this is all about the game.
"I want to hope it's going to be like any other game," said Fox. "I don't want to put too much attention on the media and the publicity. It's a football game. That's what I am tuning my mind in to."

Fox knows that the adrenaline is going to be pumping on Sunday and he thinks that if there are any jitters or anything like that, all it will take is one hit to get rid of those.  
"That is what it's going to take, the first kickoff or kickoff return and the first contact," said Fox. "I want to be delivering the contact at all times. That is my job."

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