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Steelers will wear Color Rush uniforms on MNF

When the Steelers take the field on Monday night against the Chicago Bears at Heinz Field, they will be wearing uniforms that aren't only popular with the players, but ones they have had success in.

The team will wear their Color Rush uniforms this week, the first time they have done so in the 2021 season.

The Steelers are 6-1 when wearing the uniforms, defeating the Baltimore Ravens, 19-14, in 2020, a game that was originally scheduled to be played on Thanksgiving night but was rescheduled multiple times due to the pandemic and an outbreak in Baltimore.

The uniform has become a favorite with players and fans alike, a monochromatic look that was first introduced to wear primarily on Thursday Night Football.

"I love the color rush uniform," said linebacker T.J. Watt. "I love the big block number. I've always been a fan of that. You get the all black. The gold pops so much.

"I think it brings so much energy to not only us, but the fans. Anytime we bring out the color rush it always seems to be a big game, so I am excited to wear them."

Check out the Color Rush uniforms the Steelers will wear during the Week 9 game against the Chicago Bears

The uniform is a black jersey with gold numbers and gold stripes on the sleeves, while the pants are all black, with a gold stripe.

"Besides the color, that black with the yellow, it's always great to get an alternate jersey and that black always stands out," said defensive tackle Cameron Heyward. "And the record, it lets you know you better win in them."

The Steelers first wore the uniforms on Christmas Day in 2016 when they defeated the Baltimore Ravens, 31-27, to win the AFC North. The team also wore them in 2017 against the Tennessee Titans at Heinz Field, a 40-17 win.

In 2018 the team wore them twice, the first time on Thursday Night Football when they defeated the Carolina Panthers, 52-21, at Heinz Field. They wore them a second time against the New England Patriots, a 17-10 win at Heinz Field.

The team also wore them twice in 2019, once in a win over the Miami Dolphins, 27-14, on Monday Night Football and in the only loss in them against the Buffalo Bills, a 17-10 defeat.

"I just like the color," said receiver Diontae Johnson. "You have all black and the gold stripe going down the side of the pants. It's my favorite uniform. I feel like I play good in them. I really like it, the way it feels and the color scheme. I feel like it makes me play well."