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Social Spotlight: 'A remarkable teammate'

After Ryan Shazier announced his retirement via his social media accounts, the outpouring of love and support was instant.

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🐐✨To my Husband, Ryan we know the past couple of years for you haven’t been the easiest. However you handled every step of it with humility, grace, strength and determination . Your hard work will never go unnoticed . I mean that hard work on the field and off. The times you spent watching film and getting in to work at 5am never went unnoticed. Although the game was taken from you in a way that one couldn’t even ever imagine. I know that you left your mark for so many others along the way. You left it all out on the field every single game. So for that you know that you can go out with a smile on your face. The dedication you fulfilled on the field day in and day out will never go unnoticed. Our kids will know EVERYTHING there father did and went through I GUARANTEE THAT! You have overcome so many challenges, and still overcoming to this day. You always found your strength when the days were tough on you. The love you have for the game is unmatched. You will always be the GOAT 🐐 in so many eyes . I know I don’t tell you this every day... BUT everyday you inspire ME! To keep moving, to keep pushing, and to keep growing on becoming the best version of myself. Now you and I are on to the next chapter in our lives and I couldn’t be more excited and more blessed to share this with anyone else . Thank you to EVERYONE for their countless support and blessings to our family . Shalieve is not done yet! We love and thank each and every one of you. Now it’s on to the next........... LEGENDS NEVER DIE! KEEP INSPIRING, THE JOURNEY CONTINUES I love you!!🙏🏽 #shalieve #50 #steelers

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