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Harris arrives in Pittsburgh

First round draft pick Najee Harris arrived in Pittsburgh on Friday, getting his first view of his new city and liking what he saw as he came out of the Ft. Pitt tunnel with a view of Heinz Field and PNC Park off to his left.

"They picked me up and we went through the tunnel and they told me to look out the window. I saw Heinz Field and where the Pirates field is. It was dope. It was really nice. I have never been here before, ever in my life. To see a new scene is always nice. I am looking forward to seeing more of the city today and tomorrow."

When Harris arrived at the airport, he took a picture with the Franco Harris 'Immaculate Reception' statue and heard plenty of cheers as he walked through the airport terminal before heading to the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex.

Harris also has been trending on social media and has gotten plenty of love from current and former Steelers, as well as for what he did on the day of the NFL Draft at a Bay Area homeless shelter where he once lived as a kid.

A look at some of the social reaction is below.

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