Steelers contact STHs regarding '21 ticket renewals

The 2021 Steelers season might seem like it's far off, but in reality, football is never really that far away.

With season ticket invoices for the 2021 season expected to arrive in March, the Steelers ticket office reached out to ticket holders to share relevant details regarding ticket renewals.

One of the main topics addressed was the potential of the schedule structure changing, which could result in a home schedule with one preseason game and nine regular seasons games. While the NFL has not confirmed how this would impact individual teams or if it would even take place in 2021 and if so, which teams would have such a schedule, the team wanted to make fans aware of the potential.

The 2020 season was like no other for Steelers fans, with many having to watch games from home instead of at Heinz Field. The team is looking forward to the 2021 season and are doing so by giving season ticket holders more flexible payment options, including the ability to pay via installments. Additional details, including installment due dates, will be included with invoices next month.

There is also the opportunity to opt in for the postseason without having to put down a deposit, and by doing so season ticket holders can receive a discount on the Wild Card round.

The team is offering season ticket holders the ability to opt out of receiving their invoices via mail, and instead receive all information via email for 2021.

Season ticket holders with questions related to this update are encouraged to log in to their Steelers Account Manager or contact the ticket sales and retention team.

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