Reflecting on the legendary Stan Savran

There was a noticeable feeling of loss at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex as many people were sharing stories and memories of longtime sports broadcaster Stan Savran, who contributed to with interviews with Steelers legends.

Savran, who passed away on Monday at age 76, was one of the most respected members of the Pittsburgh sports media and his impact will live on through many.

"On behalf of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization I'd like to send our heartfelt condolences to the family of the late, great Stan Savran," said Coach Mike Tomlin following the team's practice. "You guys know we had a long and prosperous past professional relationship with him. He was the absolute best. But beyond that, on a personal note, I just really enjoyed that gentleman.

"The spirit, the energy, the awesome stories of Pittsburgh legend. Just really appreciated that as a guy at one time that was new to the city. I always appreciated his perspective on my circumstance, being able to share a story from the past and educate me a little a little bit. Just really appreciate it."

Steelers President Art Rooney II talked with SNR Drive and shared his thoughts on Savran, who was a part of the Hall of Honor selection committee.

"Stan is one of the few left who goes way back to the 70s now," said Rooney. "He was he was an obvious choice to be part of our selection committee for the Hall of Honor. And he was more than enthusiastic about being part of it. He loved being part of it and always had great observations about the guys he was promoting down to the end.

"We had our first meeting for this year's class last week, and Stan was supposed to participate. It was going to be a Zoom meeting. He accepted the invitation to be on it. And I was looking forward to seeing him, though we would see him by Zoom. Early that morning I got a message from him that he wasn't going to be able to make the Zoom. But he did give me his two candidates that he wanted to put out there."

Savran has dealt with health issues over the last few years but kept doing what he loved – sharing his take on Pittsburgh sports on ESPN Radio and other avenues.

"He never slowed down," said Rooney. "The last couple of years have been rough for Stan. He's had a lot of ups and downs and you would never know it. He was on the air, and he tried talking about things as if there was nothing going on in his life. And just a remarkable professional. He loved what he was doing."

Savran is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, but his passion for Pittsburgh sports was undeniable.

"Stan knew his business and he could speak about it going back all the way to the 60s," said Rooney. "Talk about players who played in that era and loved talking about it. Love being part of those conversations. And of course, we all loved having those conversations with him.

"Somebody gave him the name the 'Godfather of Pittsburgh Media,' but he deserved that nickname. He really was that kind of a guy and just had the respect of everybody, whether you're in the media or part of a team or a player. I don't think I ever met anybody who didn't respect and like Stan.

"He was a true professional and brought so much enthusiasm to sports in general. And by the same token never took himself or anything too seriously. He was fun to work with, didn't take him himself seriously. We're talking about sports, and he kept things in perspective."


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