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Plenty of new features at Heinz Field

The Steelers kick off their home schedule this week, with a preseason game against the Tennessee Titans at Heinz Field on Saturday at 4 p.m.

And for fans attending, there will be some noticeable changes, even before you enter the stadium.

It all starts with the fun before the game and tailgating, with Tailgate Guys now a partner for the pregame fun, offering packages for fans to have a hassle-free tailgate experience.

Take a look at some of the new features and food options at Heinz Field during the 2018-2019 season.

Now it's time to head into Heinz Field, where mobile ticketing has been instituted, allowing fans the ease and security of having their tickets right on their phones, able to scan them upon entry, and not ever worry again about leaving their tickets at home. Season ticket holders can still use the tickets that were sent to them, or mobile ticketing. To learn more, visit mobile ticketing.

"A lot of teams are going with it," said Nick Sero, Heinz Field corporate communications manager. "It helps eliminate ticket fraud. If we can save one family from having ticket fraud affecting them, it's a success. Season tickets holders don't have to use it, but everybody can use the mobile app and access their tickets electronically. Fans sometimes bring the wrong game. It eliminates that concern. Or if you are going as a group, and one person is running late, you can go into the Steelers mobile app and text or email the ticket to them. It's very seamless and the wave of the future."

Once you are in Heinz Field, there is no doubt you are going to head to the concession stands. And there will be some delicious new items awaiting you.

Earlier this year Heinz Field expanded the partnership with Franco Harris with the addition of Franco's Pizzeria in the Bud Light Pub 33, adjacent to the FedEx Great Hall and located on Art Rooney Avenue, which features pizza, calzones, soups and salads and is open on game day, and non-game days as well. Harris previously partnered with Heinz Field for Franco's Italian Army Gridiron Sausages in the Ford Fan Zone.


There are other new food options as well, including the addition of Chickie & Pete's, who will offer crab fries, cheesesteaks and chicken tenders behind Section 136, and the fries will also be available on the fifth level. Other new options throughout the stadium include North Shore huluski, buffalo chicken tacos and a kielbasa grinder.


On game day a notable change for those sitting in the stands watching will be the updated ribbon boards inside the stadium, which have been upgraded with the latest technology.

"It's going to keep Heinz Field upgraded with the latest technology so the fans have a clearer view of the ribbons boards and it also gives us the opportunity to use that space for more in game entertainment," said Sero. "Before it was a clock, an image and scores. Now it's upgraded with cool graphics, pump up the crowd messaging, and statistics. It will match the technology of the other boards in the stadium."

The field surface is always a topic of conversation, and the playing field was updated before the start of the preseason, and will be done so again in season as well. And surrounding the field in the North end zone is a new banner which is a tribute to those in the Steelers Hall of Honor.

Heinz Field, working with KultureCity, became the first stadium to offer sensory training to staff and guests with autism will be able to obtain sensory bags while at games, helping them to deal with things like loud noises and being in large crowds, making the games a better experience for them.

"It opens up Heinz Field and Steelers game to be more inclusive to people," said Sero. "That is a key. We are in the business of entertainment and making sure our fans are happy. The fact that we can offer something to a new crowd and make people feel safe and secure and have a good time, that is huge. We want it to be a safe space for any fan."