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'We move on as a team'

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that he met with wide receiver Antonio Brown and that Brown has been disciplined for "his missed meeting.

"He and I met yesterday for an extended period of time," Tomlin said in a statement after practice today. "I'll leave the nature of that conversation between us.

"There was discipline involved for his missed meeting, for Monday. Some of the other things we talked about extensively, he'll speak for himself on some of those things. Really, our focus is preparing to win this game on Monday night."

Tomlin did not take questions from the media.

Brown was not at the Steelers' practice facility for team activities on Monday, the same day he made headlines for a response he posted on social media.

"I expect him to be out there scoring touchdowns on Monday," wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey said. "He was practicing today. If somebody's going to practice on a Wednesday, I expect them to play on Monday. He was doing everything 'A.B.' does.

"He came to work today, worked his butt off like he always does, being the Hall-of-Fame receiver that he is, led our group, that's it."

Added defensive end Cam Heyward: "I don't make those decisions, but I'm going to be a little surprised if he's not there. He's working right now, and if a guy's practicing he's gotta play."

"He had personal issues going on and that's between him and the head coach, but it's totally fine," center Marquis Pouncey said. "People don't know the things he has going on in his life, it's totally fine. He talked to the people he needed to talk to and confirmed things, why he wasn't here, and we move on as a team.

"The guy wants to win the football game. He wants to go out there and make plays. I love 'A.B.' to death. I'll never say anything bad about him. He's a great player. He's an ultimate competitor.

He cares about this team. He cares about winning. That's what you want on a football team."

As for the rest of what went on today, "a nice Wednesday practice," Pouncey assessed, "good flow."