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Tuitt talks playoffs with fans

With less than 48 hours until kickoff, Steelers fans around the world are ready for game day. On Friday, Steelers Nation Unite delivered an exclusive live event to fans with DE Stephon Tuitt as a way to help get them ready for kickoff.

The live fan forum event, known as The Huddle and presented by Hyundai, gave Steelers Nation Unite members the opportunity to talk live with the fourth-year player via conference call, as well as watch a live video stream of the event online.

During the event, with members on the line from all around Steelers Country, fans asked Tuitt about the rematch with the Jaguars and his mindset going into the game.

"My motivation for this game is high. I think it is for a lot of guys on the team, too" he said. "Our last performance [against them] wasn't the best. Just to have the opportunity to go out there again and compete at a different and higher level will be awesome."

Tuitt was also asked about what emotions he experiences when "Renegade" comes on at Heinz Field and the fans start going crazy.

"The same way the fans feel is how we're feeling," he said. "We're energized. We get a surge of momentum, not just from the video, but from the fans that are getting crunk in the stadium. It's just an overload of confidence."

To hear more of what Tuitt had to say when talking with Steelers Nation Unite members, visit and join for free. Not only can members watch a full replay of the event, but they will also get access to more exclusive content with players and fans, as well as earn great benefits and rewards just for being a loyal fan.

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