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Tomlin shows love for Steelers Nation

When a weekday afternoon concludes with fans getting to talk directly with an NFL head coach on a live conference call, it's a pretty special occasion.

That was exactly the case for members of Steelers Nation Unite, the team's official loyalty program, as they were provided the opportunity to go one-on-one with Mike Tomlin during an exclusive Fan Forum conference call.

Throughout the call, Tomlin addressed a number of questions, including what he loves most about the offseason, the potential challenges facing this year's team and what he considers to be the most memorable moment during his tenure as head coach.

Of course, Steelers Nation and the amazing support shown week-in and week-out was also a popular topic of conversation.

"There have been some amazing moments in the last 10 years for me in visiting stadiums where it goes beyond support and it's one of those unique moments that's etched in your mind forever and never gets old," Tomlin said when asked about the presence of Steelers fans in San Diego in 2015.

"What happened last year in San Diego was one of those instances. We were on the road on Monday Night Football and to have the type of support that we had and to watch those guys have to operate on a silent count, to feel the energy of our fans out there in Southern California was incredible," he said.

Tomlin likened that experience to a road game from 2008 in Washington when Steelers fans made their presence known yet again. He's looking forward to and hoping that a similar turnout awaits when the team opens the 2016 regular season in Washington on Sept. 12.

"It kind of mirrored the support that we had on Monday Night Football in Washington, D.C. in 2008 on the night before the election when Steelers Nation filled that stadium up," he said. "Hopefully, we have a similar atmosphere when we get this thing started here in a few months in our nation's capital."

With less than three months until that regular-season opener, Steelers Nation is already starting to buzz and will, undoubtedly, have their Terrible Towels flying and their Steelers pride on full display on the national stage that night.

These types of live and direct interactions with players, coaches and alumni (known as the Weekly Huddle) take place year-round and bring Steelers Nation Unite members closer than ever to their team.

Free to join, Steelers Nation Unite is how fans can get rewarded for their loyalty with amazing benefits and unforgettable experiences. Learn more about Steelers Nation Unite and sign up today to ensure that another exclusive opportunity isn't missed.

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