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Tomlin catches up with fans during live call

With the start of Steelers Training Camp a little more than one month away, the team is wrapping up its offseason program and workouts at the UPMC Rooney Sport Complex. As "football in shorts" is about to come to a close, fans are eager to see the team put on the pads and get the 2017 season started.

As is the case with every season, a number of questions are on the minds of fans about what awaits their squad in 2017. On Wednesday afternoon, fans got to hear Head Coach Mike Tomlin's takes on a number of their questions as he sat down for a live fan forum event, delivered by Steelers Nation Unite.

During the event, members of Steelers Nation Unite had the opportunity to call-in and watch live online as they asked their questions directly to Tomlin about a number of topics, including the 2017 season, the chemistry of this year's team and his favorite moment he's experienced with Steelers Nation.

The official home of Steelers Nation, Steelers Nation Unite delivers these live events year-round that connect fans with players, coaches and Steelers Legends. Known as the Weekly Huddle, presented by Hyundai, it's the type of exclusive access that fans receive when they become Steelers Nation Unite members.

The first question posed to Tomlin was about the chemistry of the team as it stands now with a mix of veterans and new players.

"That's what we are developing here as we start this process of work," said Tomlin. "Chemistry is something that develops over time through mutual respect and work. The guys have done a great job of working in that area up to this point, not only in terms of the formal work that we do but also the guys do a great job of giving themselves and their time to the young people, educating them and introducing them to what is football."

"I know Cam Heyward had a big pool party at his house last Friday, welcomed a lot of the young people. Those are the things that we acknowledge you can't measure, but are a big part of team development. And we openly work in those areas."

One topic that seemingly always comes up during these live events is Steelers Nation. The impact fans have on this team is well-documented and well-known throughout all of sports. When asked if there was a moment with Steelers Nation that stood out to Tomlin as unforgettable, not surprisingly, a few instances came to mind.

"Wow. There have been so many of those moments. When we are in a hostile, away environment, and Steelers Nation takes over, that never gets old," said Tomlin. "You can think about 2008, Monday Night Football in Washington, and just a few years ago, on Monday Night Football in San Diego. When we are in a hostile environment, we feel Steelers Nation. The home team is having to use the silent count and things of that nature. That is something that just doesn't happen. That's something that is unique to Steelers Nation. It never gets old. It's unimaginable."

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With a new season quickly approaching, there are plenty of ways for fans all around the world to connect with the Steelers like never before and get rewarded for a lifetime of loyalty to the black and gold.

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