Super memories and special moments

They had some great memories during their playing days, but there is always that one memory that stands out, that is something they will never forget.

Steelers' legends shared what that memory was, and what made it so special.

James Farrior:

"I would have to say the two Super Bowl wins. You play this game and you set personal goals for yourself. But you ultimately play the game to win championships. That is what I was able to accomplish here.

"It's a great feeling. It's something nobody can ever take away from you. It's something that not a lot of people get to achieve those goals. Let alone one, I have two. Getting there is one thing, playing in it is another thing. You dream about playing in the Super Bowl, but you never dream about playing in two Super Bowls. I wanted to get there one time, but to do it twice and have two championships is an unbelievable feeling."

Jerome Bettis:
"The one moment I would have to say is being on the podium, winning the championship, in my hometown of Detroit. When I started playing the game, the ultimate was always to win a championship. To be on the podium, having brought a championship back to Pittsburgh, that was an incredible moment."

Plaxico Burress:

"I will never forget opening day my rookie year. Even though we didn't win the game, having my mom there, my brothers, and fulfilling a childhood dream of making it to the NFL. It will be a day I never forget. It was instant gratification getting your name called, running out on the field and being able to play professional football."

Chris Hoke:

"There are a couple. There are two big ones. I think the first one was my very first start in 2004. We were in Dallas and Casey (Hampton) blew out his knee in the game. We then had a bye week and had our first game at home against New England. They hadn't lost, they were Super Bowl champs. That was my first start. It was my fourth season, but I hadn't had a lot of playing time. Coming out of that tunnel at Heinz Field with the crowd going crazy, my parents were in the stands, my wife, and my oldest son. All of the emotions had come together for me because I had put so much work into getting to that point. I had tears coming down my face, screaming, the crowd going crazy, it all came together like a perfect storm. We went on to win and didn't lose until the AFC Championship Game. That was one of the greatest moments for me with the Steelers.

"The other was Super Bowl XL. I played in three Super Bowls, we were fortunate and blessed to win two. Super Bowl XL was that pure elation, pure joy, because you never had felt that before, those emotions. Those were my top moments."

Joey Porter

"The 2005 run we went on to win Super Bowl XL. That is by far the best memory of my football playing career.

"We were coming off a 15-1 season, lost in the AFC Championship game the year before. We knew we had a strong team. We had some lulls in the season where we weren't where we wanted to be. We knew we couldn't lose or it would be over. We hit a stretch where we got hot at the right time. That made everything come together. Everybody relied on everybody to do their job. It came together like it was supposed to.

"It was Jerome's (Bettis) last year. It made everything worth it once everybody put their hand in the pile, dug deep and realized this is the last time we were going to play with each other. It didn't matter who we were going to play, we were walking into stadiums with so much confidence because we knew we were going to win. It was surreal at times."