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Sunday night will be a family affair

Maurkice Pouncey smiled and laughed when asked how often he talks to his twin brother, Mike Pouncey.

"We talk too much," said Pouncey. "He is probably the only person I talk to on the phone, except my kids."

Pouncey will have an opportunity to talk to his brother this weekend, and it won't be on the phone.

When the Steelers play the Chargers on Sunday Night Football, the Pouncey brothers will be reunited as Mike plays for the Chargers.

It won't be the only reunion, though.

T.J. Watt and his older brother Derek Watt, the starting fullback for the Chargers, will also be going against each other.

"We talk every day," said Watt. "I am excited to have him out here. He will come out to the house Friday and Saturday, do a nice dinner. He has never been to Pittsburgh. It will be nice to have him out at the house, see my house, see what it's all about out this way."

* * *

Brothers who play in the NFL are a rarity. And the Steelers have four players who have siblings in the league, with Terrell and Trey Edmunds teammates and their brother, Tremaine Edmunds, with the Bills.

It's even rarer to have two pairs of brothers playing against each other, which will be the case on Sunday.

"It's going to be pretty cool," said Pouncey. "Me and Mike played against each other when he was with the Dolphins. It was even cooler playing with him in the Pro Bowl.

"We are going to have a lot of family here. It will be a moment we can share in our NFL dream that we are living. We have all been very lucky and blessed.

"It will be a brotherly rivalry, but we want to get the upper hand."

While the Pounceys won't go head-to-head on the field, the Watts will. And it could get interesting if T.J. has to tackle his brother, or his brother tries to block him.

"We have done that before at Wisconsin," said Watt. "I don't think I have ever tackled him, other than backyard football. I have gone up against him at Wisconsin in practice. It's a possibility. I told him he better not cut me.

"Everything happens so fast, I won't be able to see who is in the helmet. There isn't enough time to say that is my brother and ease up. That wouldn't happen anyway. I am here trying to win games. I would never do anything like that."

 * * *

Family and friends will be plentiful this weekend for both players.

Watt said he has 11 friends staying at his house, while his parents will also be in town. But seeing Derek is what it's all about.

"Usually I don't see my brothers for six months at a time," said Watt. "To see him, have him see my house. It's awesome."

You can hear the love in his voice when he talks about his brother. There is no hiding how close they are. And you can hear the pride too. Derek might not get the attention T.J. and J.J. do, but that doesn't matter to younger brother.

"He has been in the NFL, this is his third year. I don't see many people doing that. I don't see many people in the world doing that," said Watt. "He is playing at the highest level. He is a starting fullback for an NFL team. I think that is pretty dang cool. That puts him in the elite category as an athlete."

The question of the day, though, is in what ways is Derek a better athlete than T.J.

"It will take me a long time to come up with an answer so I am not going to give you one," said Watt laughing.

After a quick pause, and a big smile.

"None," he sheepishly said.

And then he stopped again, thinking about how unique it really is to be playing in the NFL with his brothers.

"It's sad to say it's my normal," said Watt. "It really is."