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Steelers sign Edmunds

The Steelers signed first-round draft pick Terrell Edmunds to a four-year contract on the eve of the team reporting to Saint Vincent College for training camp.

Edmunds, a safety from Virginia Tech, is the final one of the team's seven players from the 2018 NFL Draft to sign.

"Anything that you can imagine him doing, you saw him do on Virginia Tech's defensive tape," said Coach Mike Tomlin of evaluating him before the draft. "You saw him play free, you saw him play strong, you saw him play deep middle, you saw him play half field, you saw him play sub-package linebacker. That versatility was exciting. You saw him do a number of the things that will be on the menu for him.

"We got a sharp, young, versatile guy that is a very good communicator that plays with physicality. Quite simply he checked all of the boxes for us."

Edmunds comes from some strong blood lines, his father Ferrell Edmunds is a former third-round pick of the Miami Dolphins who spent seven seasons in the NFL. But it doesn't stop there. His brother Trey Edmunds is with the New Orleans Saints, while his other brother, Tremaine Edmunds was drafted by the Buffalo Bills this year.

"We always had talks about (all playing in the NFL)," said Edmunds. "My dad always told us just because he went to the NFL doesn't mean that it's the plan for us. He told us we can do whatever we want. If we wanted to do a sport, we had to put our all into it to get there. That has been our mindset through it all. We all dreamt about it. We all wanted to do it. Now that it's happening, next year is going to be amazing."