Steelers Nation Unite

Steelers Nation Unite announces sweepstakes winner

PITTSBURGH, Pa. –Steelers Nation Unite, the Steelers fan loyalty program which officially recognizes fans as members of Steelers Nation, has announced Patricia Wright of Mt. Pleasant, Pa., the winner of the 2015 SNU Home Opener Sweepstakes.

Wright won a pair of tickets to Sunday's home opener against the San Francisco 49ers, an overnight stay at a downtown hotel, dinner at Hyde Park and spending money for the event. She will be accompanied by her daughter, Sarah.

Along with other members of SNU, Wright and her daughter will also stand united with the Steelers' players as part of the Players Tunnel before kickoff.

To enter the sweepstakes, which ran from July 22-Sept. 3, fans had to be members of Steelers Nation Unite.

For chances to receive opportunities like this and many others, all fans are encouraged to join Steelers Nation Unite for free at or on the 'Steelers Nation Unite' tab of the Steelers mobile app.

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