Steelers Nation Unite

Steelers Nation shows their support

There never has been a doubt that Steelers Nation is everywhere, but if you need some proof, all you must do is check out the influx of photos on social media that came from all over the world as a part of the Steelers World Photo Day on Sunday, Sept. 5.

The day is in its eighth year after being created by Sergio Carrasco and Guillermo Vargas, two Steelers fans who live in Mexico.

Like any idea, it started small. But when it comes to Steelers fans, we all know it's going to grow by the minute.

In 2021, fans in 97 cities and 19 countries shared their love of the Steelers with a simple gesture. They went on social media and shared a picture in their black and gold near a landmark where they live. It ran the gamut from individuals, to families, to groups practicing local safety protocols, sharing their support as the team embarks on the 2021 season.

Among the countries participating were the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Chili, Columbia, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Panama, Paraguay, Spain and the United Kingdom. Not a bad lineup at all.

And the best part is, these fans will be supporting the team week in and week out throughout the 2021 season and beyond because, quite simply, they are Steelers Nation.