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Steelers Nation represents in win at Buffalo

Flying Terrible Towels added a gold accent to the blue and red seats inside New Era Field on Sunday afternoon as Steelers Nation trekked to Buffalo for the team's victory over the Bills. It's not unexpected, of course, but there is always an appreciation and recognition that takes place when it comes to these displays of passion and loyalty.

Throughout the weekend, Steelers Nation Unite, the official home of Steelers Nation, made it a point to recognize individual and groups of fans who put their Steelers pride on display on the road.

It began on Saturday night with a special dinner at the team hotel for a group of members that came from as far away as Las Vegas and as close as Buffalo. In addition to the meal, fans enjoyed a Q&A and autograph session with Steelers Legend Jon Kolb.

Among the members who attended the event was Kelly Webster of Rochester, NY, who has enjoyed firsthand the benefits that come with being an official member of Steelers Nation Unite.

"Just meeting so many awesome people through social media and the events," Webster said when asked what she enjoys about being part of Steelers Nation Unite. "It's like a whole new family that I have. It's been awesome."

On Sunday morning just outside New Era Field, Steelers Nation Unite recognized a group of fans who made a bus trip to the game from Rochester, NY, and are as passionate of a group of fans as can be found anywhere in Steelers Country. The Roc City Steelers fan club, which meets at MicGinny's Restaurant in Rochester when the Steelers aren't in town, received new Steelers Nation Unite gear for their group and a featured write-up on

Take a look at the Steelers Nation Unite experiences and fan photos from the team's Week 14 trip to Buffalo.

While the team played in Buffalo in the preseason in 2015, nothing compares with getting to meet up with other Steelers fans on game day in the regular-season – especially when it's December football.

"It's the friendly people that are Steelers fans [that make it special]. I wasn't born in Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in New York, but it's amazing how many people in Rochester are from Pennsylvania or the Pittsburgh area," said Kathleen Buckwell, who is the club's president. "They bring that love here and that's what it's all about."

Steelers Nation Unite doesn't only reward members at the game, either, as right now, members can join for free and become eligible to win amazing prizes this holiday season during the 12 Days of Steelers Giveaways. Simply visit, sign up and enter the keyword GIFT on the homepage in the keyword box to gain 150 yards and have a chance to win starting on December 14.

As the team comes down the home stretch of the regular season, there's no reason to miss out on anything Steelers Nation Unite has to offer.

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