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Steelers Nation puts passion on display

Being part of Steelers Nation is about more than just fans watching games. It's about fans putting their loyalty, passion and pride on display, regardless of where they are in Steelers Country.

That was evident in yet another road city, as Steelers fans brought the black and gold to the Midwest for the team's game in Kansas City this past weekend. Saturday evening provided a firsthand experience of that passion, as Steelers Nation Unite met up with fans to recognize and reward them for their support.

Callahan's on 87th in Lenexa, KS, is the game day home of the Kansas City Steelers Fan Club. With a crowd of more than one hundred fans on a typical game day, the crowd was triple that, if not more, on Saturday evening. Fan clubs from St. Louis, Chicago, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Arizona and South Dakota were all represented at the event.

With impromptu "Here We Go, Steelers, Here We Go" chants ringing throughout the night, it was quite the scene with so many fans getting together to share a common bond.

Ed Kovac, who runs the Kansas City Steelers Fan Club and hosted Saturday's event, knows how important Steelers bars and gatherings like this are for fans, as it was only a few weeks ago that he got to connect with Steelers fans while out of town for business.

"It's super special," he said of the bond that Steelers fans share. "I was in Oklahoma City for work during the Chargers Monday night game. I found a fan club. 100 Oklahoma City fans and it was like family. I was there five minutes and it was like I knew them my entire life. It was awesome."


It was a special atmosphere at Callahan's as fans excitedly talked about what it means to them to be Steelers fans. In general, the sentiments were similar, and it focused around the pride they share with other fans.

"It's absolutely unbelievable. It's the greatest thing ever to be a Steelers fan [and see so many fans in every stadium you go]," he said.

Tamara Anaya was among those waving their Terrible Towels in the crowd on Sunday afternoon. A Texas native, she married into the Steelers family and hasn't had a second thought about it since. Now residing in the Kansas City area, Sunday was her first Steelers game. As a converted diehard fan, she offered her perspective on being part of Steelers Nation and what it means to her.

"Never being disappointed. We may not always come away with the win every game, but we definitely come away representing Steelers Nation every game. I'm never ashamed. I'm never sorry. You're always proud. You're a member of something bigger," Anaya said. "It's not just the players on the field. It goes all the way out. It's not just in Pittsburgh. It's everywhere."

That was made clear on Sunday, too, as banners with "You're in Steelers Country" and signs with fans proudly displaying where they had come from for the game were seen throughout the stadium and in the parking lots during pregame. It was another example of how, no matter where the Steelers are playing, the black & gold of Steelers Nation will be right there with them.

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