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Steelers honor local teachers


Education is something the Steelers continually support, putting time and resources behind multiple programs, including Chevron Leaders in the Classroom.

"Our partnership with the Steelers is very valuable," said Lee Ann Wainwright, STEM Education Investment Team Lead & Public Affairs Representative for Chevron. "We were excited to utilize the beloved Steelers name and brand to bring awareness of the region's teachers and I think it gives the teachers a sense of support from the region at large."

Throughout the 2017 season local teachers were honored for the leadership they demonstrated in the classroom and for their instructional skills.

Among the qualities looked at to be selected included providing engaging instruction and curriculum, encouraging lifelong learning and inspire passion for education beyond the classroom and into the future.

"Teachers are often the unsung heroes so it's incredibly important to recognize their work," said Wainwright. "We know that teachers are classroom heroes who are making a significant difference in the lives of students. They do this through providing engaging instruction and curriculum, encourage lifelong learning and inspire a passion for education beyond the classroom and into the future. That is why we started this program.

"Our program really aims to recognize the teachers that are already going above and beyond to engage students. I think if anything, this program has been able to put a spotlight on teachers, and even schools, that are really doing innovative things in the classroom that might otherwise not have been known about."

The Steelers honored the weekly winners of the Chevron Leaders in the Classroom program prior to the Steelers-Patriots game on Dec. 17.

All teachers who were selected as winners are those who are making a significant difference in the lives of students from pre-K through high school, in southwest Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia.

All of the winners have received a $1,000 donation to be used for supplies for their classroom, tickets to a game, and a customized Steelers' jersey.


Week 1: Kristen Nan
Week 2: Casey Thomas
Week 3: Lynn McCullough
Week 4: Cassie Cox
Week 5: Erika Minch
Week 6: Christy Crago
Week 7: Debbie Reynolds
Week 9: Brandon Botzer
Week 10: Dr. Sandy Cavanaugh
Week 11: Tiffany Hart
Week 12: Melissa Unger
Week 13: Tracey Ross
Week 14: Michael McNally
Week 15: Joseph Welch
Week 16: Janey Layman
Week 17: Daniel Wagner

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