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Leaders in the Classroom Week 11 winner: Tiffany Hart

Posted Nov 22, 2017

Tiffany Hart from West Greene Elementary School has been selected as the Leaders in the Classroom Week 11 winner.

Leaders In The Classroom - Week 11 Winner

Tiffany Hart

Grade: Kindergarten

School: West Greene Elementary School
Mrs. Hart was nominated by her husband who says: “Her "kids" always come first. If they have a play, performance, game, birthday party, recital, something that they are involved in, she will ask them and their parents or guardians to let her know so she can attend at least one event for each of her students & that usually happens during the summer months. Each year at the end of the school year, she gives her students her address & asks for them to write her. She tells them if they do, she will send each of them their own postcard from her vacation which most of them do but they all get a postcard. She creates an environment where children want to come to school; they want to be there on the weekend and holidays; that is her goal. She wants them to love school & develop a love for learning.”

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