Steelers Nation Unite

'Steelers fans are everywhere'

The 2015 regular season was just the latest showcase in a long-running history of loyalty and passion from Steelers fans around the world. All season long, be it on game day at Heinz Field or at Bub's Dive Bar in San Diego, Steelers Nation proudly represented their team – and came from all parts of the globe to do so.

Fans represented Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico and Australia (among others) in some capacity at a Steelers game during the regular season – both at home and on the road. That was in addition to the throngs of fans who traveled across the U.S. or already lived in the road cities and proudly sport their black and gold all year long. 

Through Steelers Nation Unite, the Steelers official loyalty program, these fans found themselves being recognized and rewarded for their loyalty and dedication to their team.

With on-field experiences, special events at Steelers bars and special deliveries to their house throughout the year, in addition to access to their favorite players, members everywhere found out how much it benefits to be part of Steelers Nation Unite - benefits which will continue into the postseason.

"Steelers fans are everywhere."

That may have been the most commonly uttered phrase when Steelers fans would be talking about the community and family that is Steelers Nation, particularly at road venues. It doesn't take much to remember the scenes this season in San Diego and St. Louis, which were just two examples of Steelers fans dominating the landscape away from Pittsburgh. Recall how it caught the attention of ESPN's Jon Gruden during the Monday Night Football broadcast in San Diego, when it was a sea of flying Terrible Towels.

Week 17 in Cleveland was the most recent example of Steelers Nation making themselves at home on the road.

"Well, we call this the 'away-home' game here in Cleveland," Kathy Barret of Yorktown, VA, said with a laugh. "But to see so many Steelers fans here, it's just wonderful to be able to unite together in another town."

Just ask any fan, it's something that brings a great sense of pride.

"It's like no other team," said Tom Koop, a member of Steelers Nation Unite from Indiana. "You can go anywhere and there are Steelers fans. It doesn't matter what state you go to, it's just a huge following."

The scene inside FirstEnergy stadium was pretty special on Sunday, too. Terrible Towels flew throughout the game, but especially when word got out that the Jets had lost and fans knew their team was just a few minutes away from clinching a postseason berth.

Now it's the postseason. Now is when Steelers Nation takes things to another level and is ready to get it done on the road – just like they have all season long. Now is the time to UNITE.

To join Steelers Nation Unite for free and stay connected to everything happening with Steelers fans all over the world, as well as score insider access to the team, visit now.

Steelers Nation Unite members enjoyed an exclusive dinner event in Cleveland and proudly represented their team during Week 17 of the 2015 regular season.

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